Spoiled Brats, Free Speech & the Mommy State


Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 6.59.58 PMRemember how the right once talked about the Nanny State?  Well, welcome to the Mommy State.  The  Mommy State exists in a world where young people are threatened by any thing that might make them uncomfortable.  Rather like three-year-old brats on a sugar high, it is terribly narcissistic.

I Want I Want
I Need I Need
Me Me Me
My My My
Go Away
Mommy I fall down have bo-bo.
Please, patch the bo-bo with a Sesame Street band aide.
Can I have a cookie?
I want a cookie now!
I’m going to hold my breath.

They grew up so protected they could not ride in the front seat of the car, and were required to sit in a booster seat until they were sixteen and had their learner’s permit. No only were they required to wear a helmet when they rode their hot-wheels, but when they played on the swings.  The needed extensive naps, tidy wipes, and could only be in classes with less than twenty kids. (My elementary school classes all had twice that number, but what the heck, I’m a racist, right?)  They grew up so protected, they cannot cope with the real world.

Evidently, now, at Mizzou, white students upset the poor little rich black kids so much, they must have a healing circle, no whites allowed.  If white students did the same thing, no black students allowed, they’d be kicked out of school as racists.  That’s okay. So is the fact that the student body, on Wednesday night, lied about the KKK being on campus.  If he lied about that, how can you trust anything else he said?

Mommy State brats don’t believe in the First Amendment, not when it bothers them, and requires them to be held accountable for their deplorable actions, like allowing professors to threaten to rough-up Asian-American students.  Evidently it is only racist if it is against a specific race.  It’s also okay to spit on people attending speeches which might make the person doing the spitting uncomfortable.  You might need a trigger warning.

Right now, I really don’t give a rip about what is going on in Mizzou, other than the fact that even the faculty is acting like a bunch of spoiled brats.  If I had a kid going there, they wouldn’t be – going there.  I think, if I had a kid, if they wanted to go beyond a local community college, then work hard, make good grades, and land that scholarship.

As far as race and racism?  Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of hearing about it. Real bigotry is a horrible thing. The little kid who cried wolf kind is starting to get old.  I still think that people who see the most racism and talk about the most are reflecting their selves and their inner being.  Yes, I am biased against some things.  I am not racist.  I can be bigoted when it comes to certain things, like my absolute hatred of football and the French. I am biased in my love for opera and my intense dislike of anything gospel, country, or twangy. It is called having an opinion.

Can’t we all just get along?