Those Lovely Little French Flags


Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 5.26.30 PMI have a friend who had the unmitigated gall to refuse to transfer her FB profile photo into a French flag. I had the unmitigated gall to agree with her.  Her reasoning was far more logical than mine.  Her husband is a highly decorated vet.  Why should she fly another country’s flag.  My comment was that I’m basically a Brit.  If I’m going to fly anything other than an American flag, it will be my UK flag. If I were to use one of those little French flag thingies, I would superimpose it under a portrait of Wellington.  After all, we are celebrating the 200th anniversary  year of Waterloo.  Then I would also mention Agincourt.

Those little flags are nice, but they are also about letting everyone think how sympathetic you are, as is the ‘pray for France’ comment.  Big fat hairy deal.  Where were those Nigerian flags the first of the year when over 700 people in Baga and Doro Gowon, Nigeria were killed by Boko Haram?  What about Kenyan flags the first of April when 152  students in Garissa, Kenya were slaughtered by Islamic terrorists?

There have been horrible terror attacks in recent years.  It seems like the only time people go all outwardly sympathetic on social media are those which occur in the US or Western Europe.

Is there a racial component here?  Last week over forty people were slaughtered by ISIS in Beruit.  Where are the Lebanese flags?  It seems that Facebook did not consider the lives lost in Beruit to be as important as those in France.  ISIS brought down a Russian jet, killing 224 people.  Yet, there are no Russian flags on Facebook or on social media.

Interesting, isn’t it?