Climate Change, Terror & Progressive Insanity


Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 4.32.48 PMDuring Saturday night’s Democratic Presidential Debate, candidate Bernie Sanders linked climate change to terrorism.  He was only repeating what President Obama has been saying.  If climate change is directly linked to a rise in terror then the Dust Bowl of the 1930s would have been a hot-bed of terror.  If climate change is linked to terror then we would have seen the same results in 1815 following the eruption of Tambora, and so forth and so on.  Granted, ‘weather’ patterns which may bring drought, floods, or storms can cause political disruptions.  It can bring down empires because of human dynamics.  But there has never, ever, ever been a link to climate change and terrorism.

There is no viable scientific evidence for such a foolish theory.  But, that doesn’t stop the left from hyping the story.  There is a reason.  It is called control and the degradation of life in the United States.  People are losing jobs because of Obama’s coal policy.  I’ve been told that a major corporation may be laying off a large portion of their work-force on November 22, because of Obama’s coal policy.  I was told that on Saturday evening.

Watt's Up With That
Watt’s Up With That

This is as wrong-headed as the left’s spew that Gitmo creates terrorism. If putting people in a prison camp situation creates terrorists, then we have a major problem in the US. If people being held as prisoners during a war leads to them turning to terror then we have thousands of Vietnam vets, including John McCain, who are at risk of becoming terrorists.  The brave men who survived the Bataan Death March would have become terrorists.  Heck, even the Jews who survived Hitler’s concentration camps would have morphed into terrorists.

They have not.  Terror is not created by climate change.  Terror is created by evil men and women who are psychopaths the same way serial killers are psychopaths.  We don’t make excuses for them.  We should not be making excuses for politicians who can’t see beyond their ideology, be it right or left.

The problem with admitting that terror is caused by evil men and women is admitting that evil exists in the world.  If evil exists then good must exist.  If good must exist then there is a distinct possibility that God exists.  Progressives can’t allow that.