I Am Right About the ACA


Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 4.40.36 PMSince the dawn of the ACA, I have had no health insurance.  There’s a very simple reason.  I can no longer afford it.  Before the ACA, I had incredible health insurance.  It was $164/month, with a yearly deductible of  $1000.  It covered prescriptions.  It covered physical therapy. It covered just about everything I needed.  Then, the company pulled out of New Mexico.  Today, getting health insurance in New Mexico is a joke.  Today, I can get a plan that is $304/month with a $6850/year deductible.  Sorry, but I can’t afford that one.  The insurance only works for their ‘in market’ area.  In other words, I’m screwed.   I have no rights.

I’ve been told, for ages now, that I’m not doing the process correctly.  Well-meaning sycophants of the ACA keep trying to help me.  Then, they discover in the state of NM, you’re basically screwed.  It’s just me.  I have a bad attitude about it.  Someone even told me I was not doing the process right because I hate Obama.  I voted for the man.  I’ve never regretted a vote more in my life these days.

Well, I’m not alone in my problems with the ACA.

I told you so.

“…“The deductible, $3,000 a year, makes it impossible to actually go to the doctor,” said David R. Reines, 60, of Jefferson Township, N.J., a former hardware salesman with chronic knee pain. “We have insurance, but can’t afford to use it.”

In many states, more than half the plans offered for sale through HealthCare.gov, the federal online marketplace, have a deductible of $3,000 or more, a New York Times review has found. Those deductibles are causing concern among Democrats — and some Republican detractors of the health law, who once pushed high-deductible health plans in the belief that consumers would be more cost-conscious if they had more of a financial stake or skin in the game.

“We could not afford the deductible,” said Kevin Fanning, 59, who lives in North Texas, near Wichita Falls. “Basically I was paying for insurance I could not afford to use.”…”

Thanks to Obamacare, I’m worse off than ever.  At least I’m not alone.

NY Times
NY Times

Obamacare is a fraud. Like everything else the Obama Administration has touched, it is fraud, a fake, a total failure. At least I’m not alone.  Misery loves company.  When people start talking to one another, and comparing notes, then realize they’ve been sold a big, fat, hairy, lie, Democrats are going to have a difficult time explaining their duplicity.  I have been saying the Dems are on far more trouble than they want to admit.  I think this is just another indication of their problems.

I thought the ACA was going to be great. I supported it.  What a joke.  I was wrong.  I still think a single-payer system is the way to go, with big pharma and the insurance companies well-regulated and brought under control.  Right now, that will never happen.  Barack Obama is basically bought and paid for by big pharm and the insurance industry.  Let’s admit it, the man’s a total fake.