Rednecks, Mosques & Liberals (oh my)


Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 7.18.19 PMAs I have said, repeatedly, I like liberal causes.  I just don’t like liberals, especially progressives.  Currently, I think liberals are where the far right was in 2009, when they jumped the shark with the tea parties.  The left began changing about a year ago.  Until then, they were nice people, warm fuzzy, and a lot of fun.  Then they changed.  Maybe they were always like that, and I was delusional. What I have discovered is that Democrats will rally around the chosen, no matter what.  The GOP will pick someone apart (at times they should not) but there is a basic intellectual honesty.  Democrats will support that yellow dog, no matter if he is rabid, full of ticks with Lyme Disease, and has been skunked. Unfortunately, they are highly unacceptable to talking points, and suggestions from higher-up.

One of the most annoying things, recently, is the liberal hatred of anyone from the South, if they are not of a certain race and creed.  After the Charleston shooting it became a very real witch hunt, with pure vitriol and hatred spewed at people who were white, Southern, and Christian.  I seem to remember groups like the SPLC going insane about tracking white supremacists the way several GOP POTUS candidates mentioned tracking Muslims.   A former FBI agent told NPR:

“…By tracking the data, they can better understand how the violence works. The terrorism is a methodology. It’s not an ideology. If you looked at the methodologies, you would view this problem completely different; where the Charleston shooting is far more like the Fort Hood shooting than it is like Oklahoma City. All right, even though the ideology is similar with Oklahoma City and the Charleston shooting, it’s a different methodology. There are millions of racists in the United States. There are hundreds of thousands of people who are with organized white supremacist groups. Very few actually commit acts of violence. There are also people who are not part of the white supremacist movement or any ideological movement who commit mass atrocities. So we have to understand that the ideology, while it’s important to understand and to look at and certainly discuss in the public, it’s neither necessary or sufficient to the violence that we are trying to control….”

When a Christian, Republican says the same thing about Islamic terrorists, they are damned as racist.  One of the real problems here is that normal people recognize that ISIS is as much a criminal organization as it is ‘religious’.  It is a criminal enterprise.  But, when dealing with certain aspects of the anti-hate movement, those who are terrified of white supremacists, they ignore the fact that the numbers of deaths caused by white supremacists have been overly inflated due to the criminal activities of certain criminal organizations like various skinheads.  Morris Dees and Richard Cohen co-authored a NY Times op-ed right after the Charleston shootings.

NY TImes
NY Times

I have spent the past ten years tracking the movements of white supremacists in this country. We truly do not have a real problem. Currently, there are fewer than 7,000 members of the KKK. The anti-immigration movement is basically dead.  Only white supremacists perpetuate terror attacks in the US, if you listen to the media, the SPLC, and the Obama Administration.

Terror attacks or thwarted attacks for 2015, in the US, from the ADL.  The terror attempts with connections to Islamic terror are highlighted in red.

  • “…Joshua Ryne Gold­berg of Florida was arrested in Sep­tem­ber for allegedly send­ing bomb-making instruc­tions to and devel­op­ing a plot with an under­cover source. The plot involved build­ing a pres­sure cooker bomb and det­o­nat­ing it at a 9/11 memo­r­ial in Kansas City, MO. Fol­low­ing his arrest, Gold­berg claimed he had planned to alert law enforce­ment prior to the bomb’s detonation.
  • Harlem Suarez of Florida was arrested in July for allegedly plot­ting to det­o­nate a bomb at a Florida beach. He also dis­cussed attack­ing law enforce­ment officers.
  • Moham­mad Yousef Abdu­lazeez of Ten­nessee was killed after he opened fire at two mil­i­tary facil­i­ties in Chat­tanooga, Ten­nessee in July. The attack resulted in five deaths, in addi­tion to Abdulazeez’s death. Abdu­lazeez was report­edly inspired by Al Qaeda propaganda.
  • Alexan­der Cic­colo of Mass­a­chu­setts was arrested in July as a felon in pos­ses­sion of a weapon. Cic­colo allegedly planned to attack a state university.
  • Justin Nojan Sul­li­van of North Car­olina was arrested in June for allegedly plot­ting an attack that included shoot­ings in pub­lic venues and a bomb plot that involved bio­log­i­cal weapons.
  • Munther Omar Saleh and
  • Fareed Mumuni of New York were arrested in June after each attempted to attack law enforce­ment offi­cials in sep­a­rate instances. The two had allegedly planned to under­take an attack on a New York City land­mark. Saleh and Mumuni were part of a con­spir­acy that also involved at least three other peo­ple,
  • Samuel Rahamin Topaz,
  • Alaa Saadeh and
  • Saadeh’s brother, but these three were appar­ently more focused on trav­el­ing to join ISIS and the degree of their involve­ment in the plot is unclear.
  • Usaama Rahim of Mass­a­chu­setts was killed when he drew a knife after being approached for ques­tion­ing by law enforce­ment offi­cers. He had allegedly plot­ted with
  • David Wright of Mass­a­chu­setts and
  • Nicholas Rovin­ski of Rhode Island to behead Pamela Geller (head of the anti-Muslim orga­ni­za­tion Stop Islam­i­ciza­tion of Amer­ica) on behalf of ISIS; the plot later shifted to attempt­ing to behead a police officer.
  • Elton Simp­son and
  • Nadir Soofi of Ari­zona were shot and killed when they attempted to under­take a shoot­ing at a Gar­land, Texas com­mu­nity cen­ter. They were allegedly assisted by co-conspirator
  • Decarus Thomas of Ari­zona, who was arrested in June.
  • Miguel Moran Diaz of Florida was arrested in April on charges that he was a felon in pos­ses­sion of a firearm. Reports indi­cated that he planned to tar­get Miami residents.
  • John T. Booker and
  • Alexan­der Blair of Kansas were arrested in April for allegedly attempt­ing to under­take a sui­cide attack at the Ft. Riley mil­i­tary base.
  • Noelle Velentzas and
  • Asia Sid­diqui of New York were arrested in April for allegedly pur­chas­ing bomb-making equip­ment with plans for an attack.
  • Hasan Edmonds
  • and Jonas Edmonds of Illi­nois were arrested in March and charged with attempt­ing to join ISIS and plot­ting an attack against a mil­i­tary base.
  • an unnamed minor from South Car­olina was arrested in Feb­ru­ary and accused of for­mu­lat­ing a plot to attack a North Car­olina mil­i­tary base and then travel abroad to join ISIS.
  • Abdura­sul Juraboev and
  • Akhror Saidakhme­tov of New York were arrested in Feb­ru­ary and charged with mate­r­ial sup­port for ter­ror. Court doc­u­ments state they were attempt­ing to join ISIS and dis­cussing the pos­si­bil­ity of a domes­tic attack.
  • Abdi­rah­man Sheikh Mohamud of Ohio was arrested in Feb­ru­ary and charged in April with join­ing Jab­hat al Nusra. He allegedly returned to the U.S. with the inten­tion of per­pe­trat­ing an attack against a mil­i­tary base in Texas. Court doc­u­ments indi­cate that Mohamud sup­ported both ISIS and Jab­hat al Nusra, although he had fought with Jab­hat al Nusra.
  • Christo­pher Lee Cor­nell of Ohio was arrested in Jan­u­ary for his alleged plot to attack the U.S. Capi­tol after fail­ing to con­nect with ISIS mem­bers abroad….

The left likes to point to the fact that, since 9/11, something like 26 individuals have been killed by Islamic terror here in the US, and 48 have been killed by white supremacists.  They DO NOT factor into their study the foiled plots.  In fact, we do not discuss foiled plots, nor the lives saved, but the people murdered by white supremacists, almost all of whom were deranged individuals who should have been locked up, long ago.

Does the Obama Administration have a preference for Sunni Muslims?  What this is about is the fact that the left has literally jumped the shark with their abject hatred of anyone who dares be a Christian and open their mouth about what is going on with Islamic terror.  No one is allowed to state their fears, nor the problem with the quotas and the people the Administration is bring into the country.  Doing so, makes you a racist.  To even mention ‘tracking’ Muslim refugees coming into the country is not Christian. But – there is nothing wrong with targeting, tracking, and infiltrating organizations considered to be white supremacist.

I think white supremacists are the scum of the earth.  If there are millions upon millions as one FBI expert has alleged, then he has automatically destroyed the argument of white supremacist terror.  If there are millions upon millions of Americans who are white supremacists, then white supremacist terror does not exist.  There needs to be a database of individuals, no matter what race or religion, who are potential terrorists.  And, yes, they need to be tracked. If certain organizations appear to have a terror connection, they need to be watched.  No quarter should be given, no matter how liberal or politically correct the cause.

The left needs to understand when you demonize an entire race, religion, and political class, and then want to give another religion a pass, you end up making yourselves looking like fools.  The only thing keeping this from happening today is the fact that the media is covering up for Obama’s disastrous lack of policy when it comes to ISIS.