The Evil That Men Do


DSC03799One of the disturbing facets of our society today is the failure to recognize evil for what it is – evil.  The real problem is that, in order to say something or someone is evil, one must recognize that good and evil exist.  This causes a crises of faith for some individuals because, in order to admit that good and evil evil exist, they must recognize the fact that there is a Creator who is good.  Today, the Left can’t do this.  They’ve managed too or are attempting to exorcise God from our nation.  When you eliminate God, you don’t quite understand why bad people do bad things.  By not allowing for good and evil, the person who does not believe in God, and conversely, recognize the fact that like Yen and Yang, there are opposites.  Unfortunately, in acknowledging the existence of God, we must acknowledge the existence of evil.  And – they just can’t do that.

Instead of recognizing that evil does exist, and there is a Satanic figure, those who do not believe in God have a tendency to demonize those who truly do not deserve being demonized.  It is easier to demonize than to admit to demons.  It is easier to use an incident to destroy people or a cause you dislike than to admit that those people and cause are not evil.

The people I’m finding who can’t acknowledge evil, but must demonize are the very ones who have a tendency to consider themselves either atheist or agnostic.  They’re the ones who are now truly trying to demonize Christians.  I think there is a trend here.

Evil exists.  Evil people exist.  The inability to recognize the fact that evil does not exist is the inability to recognize the spark of the divine in us all.  Bad people do bad things.  Blaming other people for the bad things that they do is not good at all.  In many ways it is character assassination.  The person who wants to blame something other than the bad person gets a two-fer: Two for the Price of One.

I suspect that is also evil.