Sunday Morning Opera: It’s My Birthday (and I’ll cry if I want too)


Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 10.45.55 PMMy birthday is Wednesday, I think. For years, my birthday gift from my parents was the Metropolitan Opera & Sherrill Milnes.  My favorite was the year my mother and I met my pregnant sister (Rachel was on the way) in the City, then met up with a cousin to see Simon Boccanegra that night. According to my cousin, Julie, when Sherrill Milnes came out on stage, in his ‘pirate’ costume, you could hear me audibly sigh.  I still do.  I happen to think men should be required to wear those sexy open flowing shirts, boots, and capes.  They should also carry a sword, and must be required to buckle a swash.


Then, it finally dawned on me the only reason I was engaged to a Hollywood “D-Lister” was because he looked a heck of a lot like Milnes. Yes, I’m that much of an opera fanatic.  The man once had the nerve to tell me he was no longer going to sign autographed photos for me because I had enough to wallpaper my guest bathroom. I plan on doing this, when I have a powder room in my next house.  Then again, I have a heck of a lot of opera photos I’m going to hang in it. Why not?  It’s just too much fun not to.  I’ll then dedicate the room to the greatest baritone of them all.

Choices, so many choices…(sigh)

My very favorite & the best Tosca – ever!

I do think this is the best version I’ve heard, to date.

I love this. Dmitri Hvorostovsky’s Giovanni is wonderful.  The clip makes me want to cry.  He looks so exhausted.

I don’t know if people have figured it out yet, but cancer is ravaging opera.  We’re talking Caruso, Pavarotti, Beverly Sills.  Jose Carreras appears to have won his battle.  Dmitri Hvorostovsky has said that the doctors told him that  his is not fatal.  But – it is touch and go with him.  We are constantly hearing about yet another singer fighting it.


I know what I think.  The flame retardant that is used in fabric and costumes is a known carcinogen. It was finally removed from children’s clothing.  They say it has been removed from sofas and furniture.  Frankly, I think singers are putting their lives on the line, every time the put on a costume.

It’s my birthday, and I’ll cry if I want to.  I cry every time I think about Bubbles.