You Can’t Beat Good Old American Hypocrisy & Double Standards


Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 7.18.19 PMRobert Dear claimed to be a devout Christian, who dabbled in S&M, was cruel to animals, raped at least 1 other woman besides his wife, abused a wife or two, stalked women, and peeped.  He is white.  He is from the South.  The man is obviously not only mentally ill but a psychopath. The moment the first shots were fired at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, he was declared a terrorist.  Not only that, all Christians, conservatives, and anyone who is anti-abortion was also blamed for the man’s atrocities. The left immediately attacked, blaming anti-abortion rhetoric for his actions.  They have used his evil actions as an excuse to condemn anyone who is a Christian.

When Republican POTUS candidates did not jump to condemn and mention the shootings, they were damned by the liberal press.

The liberal press did nothing but condemn anti-abortion activists and Christians all weekend.  Those of us who are Christians, who dared speak out about it, have been abused and attacked.

The moment the shootings in San Bernardino  were reported, Think Progress instantly went online with the information that the shooters were three white men. The left began condemning Christian conservatives.  They began pontificating about gun laws.

GOP POTUS candidates immediately asked for prayer for the victims of the shooting.  They were condemned for not supporting gun control. They were mocked and harassed by the media.

Several years ago Syed Farook began to change.  Not only did he grow a beard, but he became an increasingly devout Muslin, even traveling to Saudi Arabia to find an appropriate bride.  Furious with something that happened today, he stormed out, dressed in military fatigues, and utilized assault style military weapons, as well as pipe bombs. The woman with him spoke Arabic.  He was a nice  man, a quiet man, a devout Muslim.  The moment it became apparent he was Muslim, CAIR was on the air with a press conference, bringing his family into the sad tale.

No, he wasn’t a terrorist.  According to CNN, the poor man was mentally ill.  He couldn’t possibly be a terrorist.  After all, he was Muslim.  Only Christians, they almost screamed, are terrorists and murderers.   Something had to have upset the man so bad, he had a psychological break.  It could not possibly have been terror.  The poor man just snapped, went home, downed military style clothing, had a black SUV, made pipe bombs, and used AK-47s.

The send person has been identified as Tashfeen Malik, his wife. They left their 6-months-old baby with the grandmother.  According to cops, there had to be some degree of planning in the attack.  They were supposedly wearing GO-Pro cameras, and body armor.  In other words, they were filming the attack, possibly to download. Like one expert said the couple was fairly well trained in terror tactics.  This is terror.  The terror expert is saying that Robert Dear is a psychopath, who gave up, when cornered.  This couple was ready to die for the cause.  Still CNN says it cannot be confirmed as terror.  CNN was quick to began asserting that the attack Robert Dear did in Colorado Springs was terror.  This is not.  Some are suggesting what happened on Wednesday was a workplace shooting.

In other words, if fourteen people are slaughtered by someone who is Muslim, wearing body armor, heavily armed, and devoutly Muslim – well, it’s not terror.  If a truly disturbed psychopath kills 3 people, at a Planned Parenthood clinic, and claimed to be a devout Christian, it is terror.

Okay, I get it. It is rather remarkable how CAIR is welcome to go on CNN and apologize for what happened, state that Muslims don’t kill people, yet Christian religious leaders are mocked.

I get it.

Christians are evil.