Fears of Racial Profiling May Have Killed 14 People Yesterday


Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 7.18.19 PMIn our modern day, politically correct nation, the worst thing one can be labeled is a racist. Seems to me, there is something far worse – like turning one’s head when you think evil is happening, because you don’t want to be labeled a racist.

Apparently one of Farook’s victims was a Messianic Jew who did not get along very well with him. The neighbors of Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik noticed their odd behavior but were afraid to tell anyone or report them to the authorities.  They were afraid they would be accused of racial profiling.  One wonders what would have happened if this person had said something.  But, the problem in this country is the progressive PR machine has made it basically a sin to cast any sort of jaundiced doubt upon anyone who is not white, male, conservative, and Christian. If you are white, male, conservative, Christian, and Southern, you are an evil monster who gets no benefit of the doubt.  All evil in this country is being perpetrated by white, conservative, Christan men from the South. If that person owns a gun, they are the lowest of the low.

If a Republican dares say that someone is in their thoughts and prayers, that person is now to be denigrated.  Apparently, if you are progressive, you are well aware that prayer is worthless because their is no God.  Or, even if there is, one must follow the partly line and the talking points, no matter how absurd they are and how bad they make you look.

One of the problems is the fact that the party line for Democrats is they must follow the party line.  Obama has declared that ISIS is contained.  His Administration is adamant that the only real terror threat in this country is from white, Christian, Conservative, males. The new progressive party line has been coming on for ages.  Religion is bad, if it is Christian.  If it is Muslim, well, it is a religion of peace.  I rarely agree with Russell Moore.  Unfortunately, it has become so nasty out there, I actually do agree with this.

“…For religious people, of all sorts, prayer is doing something. We do believe that God can intervene, to comfort the hurting and even to energize ourselves and others for right action. For those who don’t believe in the power of prayer, the last thing any of us should want is social pressure to pretend to pray. What we can expect, though, is for neighbors to express in what ever ways they have, “We love one another, and we hurt for one another.”…”

Come on people.  The left has created such a disaster, after the ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Mohamed incident, people are now terrified of saying that their neighbor, the Muslim could be up to no good.  They don’t want to be labeled a racist. Fourteen people are now dead because people are terrified of being considered a racist. When you are incapable of telling the difference between right and wrong because you don’t want to do something that might cause you to be labeled a racist, you are as bad as the person who does the evil deed.

Where do we go from here?  When you live in a society where political correctness is more important than doing what is right, when one must stay on message, and prove that you are not a racist, seems to me a hell of a lot more people are going to die.  Seems to me you’d better start doing a heck of a lot of prayer.  Oh, wait, progressives don’t believe in prayer.  Now, neither to Democrats. Prayer is not politically correct.