Cherchez la Femme


DSC03799Cherchez la femme was one of my father’s favorite phrases.  Basically it says to check out what a woman has done to screw up a man’s life.  It could also imply that men are so stupid at times, letting women lead them into bad things.  And, no, it is not the stuff of myth or legend, and not anti-feminist to say this.  Women do stupid things because of men.  Men do stupid things because of women.  Throughout the history of warfare, women have been recruiters and spies.  That is why I find some of the media ‘shock’ that Tashfeen Malik was so actively involved to be – abjectly ignorant, and terribly biased against women.

Tashfeen Malik, I suspect, was a psychopath.  All the media can do is ask how she could desert her baby.  Oh, pulleze, give me a break.  Women desert their children on a daily basis. Women murder them.  They do horrible things.  Women are just as evil as men.  To imply that women are not capable of the same calculated thought and actions of men is just plain strange.

Why is the media having a problem grasping the fact that Malik was linked to some very bad people?  Women are just as capable of being associated with evil as are men.  They are expressing disbelief, that a woman can possibly be a recruiter for ISIS.  I’m sorry, we live in a world where women are equal to men.

If we live in a world where women are equal to men, then women can be equally as evil.  Just like men they can be psychopaths.  They can kill people.  They can be serial killers.  They can do bad things.  To even  express shock and awe that a woman is capable of being equally evil is degrading to women.

I’m a woman.  I don’t mind admitting that individuals of my gender can be as evil as men.  I am a feminist.  I embrace equality.  Don’t blame it on postpartum depression.  Don’t blame her actions on being led astray.  Blame her actions on evil.  Blame her actions on Tashteen Malik and no one else.  She is just as horrific a monster as her husband.

It is obvious Malik went into her marriage with an intent to do what she did.  She trained for it.  She kept herself hidden from even the Muslim community.  She came into the US with the intent of doing exactly what she did.  I know, this is going to upset everyone’s premise that ISIS is contained.  It should scare the heck out of everyone.  It could be a cautionary note to terminate women being allowed to wear burkas in this country.