Insulting the Enemy


Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 7.18.19 PMAccording to CNN and today’s politically correct version of how to fight a war in safe spaces, people like Donald Trump, who dare to insult ISIS, are playing into the terrorists hands. First, what he said on Monday, about keeping out all Muslim immigrants, and anyone who was a Muslim immigrant who is out of the country should not be allowed to return is disgusting.  My ‘adopted’ sister and her family are from India.  They are Muslim. They are also American citizens.  All she ever wanted was to be an American. I think his statement was disgusting.  I am also well aware that ISIS is using our immigration system as a tool for recruiting.  The problem there is they are using everything as a tool for recruiting.  They’re like the Borg. Right now they’re acting smarter than we are because we are so darn weak and are being led by a weakling who is incapable of fighting them.

The problem is safe spaces, political correctness, and pandering about hurt feelings – the college campus in a microcosm. If we say something nasty about ISIS, we might upset them and then they will be nastier.  Oh, don’t hurt their feelings.  This is now the mindset of this country.  If we hurt someone’s feelings, we’re going to make it worse.

Lord have mercy! If this mind-set was in play during World War II, we would be speaking German. During World War II, the entire country was involved in fighting Hitler.

Read the YouTube comments.  Evidently Donald Duck’s performance in this classic is now considered racist.

Unfortunately, we don’t dare do this, today.  That would hurt ISIS feelings.  If we hurt their feelings, they will hate us and do bad things.

You couldn’t do this today, either.

The left and the media in this country is so removed from reality they don’t comprehend that there are truly bad people in the world.  Evidently they think if you don’t say anything that will up set the little psychopathic ISIS killer then they won’t kill people.  We must make them feel good about themselves, and they will stop killing people.

That’s not the way the world works.  Unfortunately, we’re dealing with the brainwashed, people who are so progressively politically correct they can’t comprehend reality. ISIS is the enemy.  They are out to annihilate us.  They are trying to destroy our very existence.  In the UK, something like 25 percent of the Muslim population sympathizes with them.  You’ve noticed no one has the guts to take one of those polls here.  The results must night not align with politically correct thinking where all they need is a great big group hug in a safe circle.


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  1. I am not a Trump supporter, but saying he would temporarily halt Muslim immigration is the most intelligent thing he has said so far. What Muslim country is not a theocracy? What Muslim country does not support Sharia Law? This Muslim sh$t has been going on since the 7th century AD and their idea has always been to change the character of the West. The difference between the US and France is that in the US the Muslim population is 1%, in France it is 10%. Will we be able to live with them when their numbers rise? There are areas in London where they have completely taken over. They treat the local residents with utter contempt and even monitor their comings and goings. Do we really want that type of thing in our country?

  2. The problem is that revisionism has deleted the history of the origins of Islam, and how it expanded. Fortunately, I kept all my notes from the courses I took in Medieval history, and it is all there, along with references. I have all my old text books, which state the same thing. History is literally disappearing, unless you have the old books. The cynic in me expects to see these books outlawed for expressing a contrary opinion.

    Wait until you read my post for tomorrow. I’m working on just what you mentioned, about no-go zones, etc. for Friday. I know what I think, and it isn’t nice. I may just give up and write it. We have a problem. My ‘adopted’ sister is from India. She is an American citizen, which is all she ever wanted in life. Her family is Muslim, which is how I learned about the religion, many years ago. The way things are going in India, her family faces persecution by a growing tide of Hindu extremism. None of this is even being covered in what passes as media here. India is on the brink of a religious civil war – and it isn’t going to be pretty.

    Thank you for responding.

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