Sunday Morning Opera: Old Blue Eyes


Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 10.32.57 PMIf you are an opera freak, you love music.  If you love music there is absolutely no way you can not appreciate, if not downright love the voice of Frank Sinatra.  I guess, because of my father, I have a difficult time grasping the fact that he would now be 100.  Heck, my father was born in 1924.  I was talking to my mother, Saturday about Sinatra.  He was the first modern teen idol.  She said during World War II, the girls started discovering him.  The moment they would see him, they would begin screaming and crying.  He was on top, then the bottom, broke, down and out, and then back on top.  There was a time when Groucho Marx received better billing in a movie than he did.  Then again, at the time, Groucho was a bigger star.  Then, once again, his career changed, and he was back on top.  Aside from the factors of age and Hollywood, he was never down and out, again.  The man could act.  He could dance, and he had one amazing voice.   In my humble estimation, the greatest voices this nation has ever produced are:

  • Sherrill Milnes
  • Beverly Sills & Leontyne Price (equal status)
  • Elvis
  • Aretha
  • Frank Sinatra

I love his Cole Porter songs.

I think this could be one of my favorite recordings of all time, period.

Then there is this, with my very favorite of the crooners.