The Obama Demonetization Game


Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 10.59.24 PM“…Unless we get on our high horse and think this [beheadings, sex-slavery, crucifixion, roasting humans] is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ….”  Barack Obama

Unfortunately, I voted for Barack Obama in 2012.  It is a vote for which I will never in my life be able to atone.  I am sorry.  Never again, trust me.  I cannot believe how I was lured into thinking the man was something that he is not.

One of the reason I am disgusted with myself for my vote is due to the fact that his Administration is quite successful when it comes to destroying anyone who disagrees with them.  Case in point is Russian President Vladimir Putin.  The other night, listening to the news, all CNN and MSNBC could do was make fun of Donald Trump when Putin said something good about him.  When Trump returned the complement they exploded.  That, alone was reason enough to prove how incompetent Trump is, considering that only 10% of Americans (this one included) approve of Putin.

If you think it’s just your imagination, I try what is going on in this country about the South, Southerners, white Christian conservatives, and anything dealing with Southern history.  The campaign of hate began just a few moments after the Charleston shooting, and was begun by an associate of the Obama Administration.  The hatred against anyone or anything Southern & white is now only beginning.  Just being from the South is enough to be denigrated as racist online.  Trust me, I know.

Now, Chuck Hagel, former Secretary of Defense, has come out in public about how the Obama Administration treated him.  He said they tried to destroy him after he resigned.  Now that we can prove how the Obama Administration hate machine works.  It is petty.  It is manipulative, and people are falling for it.  I did – then I realized the picture painted of Putin was not accurate.

If it were just to prop up a failing and increasingly disparate and dangerous foreign policy I could understand. But, the Obama Hate Generating Machine has set its sites on an entire region of the country, an entire race, gender, and religion. If a person did not spend as much time online as I have, following politics, you might not notice the growing movement of hatred, online, but it is there.  I wish I weren’t such a cynic, but I am.  It is all calculated to attempt to rob the South of its political influence.

We are to believe that a minority religion, which is practice by 0.9% of the population is as important, here in the US as Christianity, which is embraced by 70& of the population.  If progressives/liberals were honest, they would realize they are being used and manipulated – all for votes.  Cynical?  When you discover tha70% of the Muslim population here in the US votes Democrat, and very few white, Christian, conservative, Southern men do, well you do the math.  The Democrats need the votes, which could help swing the state of Michigan to Blue.

I wish I weren’t so cynical.  What truly annoys me about Barack Obama is that the man had so darn much promise.  He had the potential to be great.  Unfortunately, he squandered it.  I am beginning to think the true seeds for greatness were never there.  If you want to understand what makes a POTUS great, look at Ronald Reagan.  Look at his personality and look at the way he treated those around him.

It is all so very tragic.  One group of people in this country is being pitted against another, for political expediency.  We’re also dealing with a POTUS who doesn’t like being crossed.  It’s petty, and terrifying, especially when it comes to Russia & Putin.  One of the reasons we are now facing the expansion of ISIS is due to Obama’s insanity when it comes to Putin.  A lot of people have died because of his inability to control his pettiness. I fear many more will, before common sense prevails.

What is all of this about?  If you want my honest assessment of the situation, I think the Democrats are in far worse shape for 2016 than anyone wants to admit. This is all about getting Democrats elected to office, and holding on to the White House.