PNM’s CEO Salary Higher Than Warren Buffet in 2014!


Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 4.36.15 AM“…As Chairman, President and CEO at PNM RESOURCES INC, Patricia K. Collawn made $3,353,631 in total compensation. Of this total $763,269 was received as a salary, $530,813 was received as a bonus, $0 was received in stock options, $1,504,799 was awarded as stock and $554,750 came from other types of compensation….” 

I am beginning to hate New Mexico

What kind of people allow a state to get away with such high electricity rates?  Total executive compensation for PNM for 2014 was $7,490,923 with a 7.56% increase from 2013.  If you were to consider her salary as money and not compensation, Pat Collawan would be ranked #100 on the NYTimes list of top paid CEOs in the country in 2014.  To put into perspective, Warren Buffet’s salary as CEO at Berkshire Hathaway was $464,011.  PNM’s CEO made $66,802 more than Warren Buffet.

My power bill is $300. I keep my heat pump set on 59 during the day & 65 for about 5 hours at night. I stay cold. I haven’t been warm in nearly 2 months.

Will I ever get out of this vile place alive with my sanity intact? I’m so tired of dealing with people who think nothing of lying & cheating then treat me like dirt when I ask why.

I was so careful with my power usage. I did without all summer so I could pay off last winter’s obscene bills. I just want one day when I could be warm. My fingers stay so cold I can’t do much of anything.  In November, my neighbor was out of town most of the month.  Her temperature was set at 60.  She came home to a $600 power bill!

I know there is a world out there where there is opportunity & a way to survive. It just isn’t here. If it were somewhere else I could get a decent price for out properly. Not here. All anyone wants to do is get something for nothing.

I quit. I’m broke & broken. Just come pick my bones & laugh at me. I can’t take it anymore. I can’t cope with being cold all the time.

I have a heat pump. I can’t afford to burn wood. I can’t afford to have my fireplace cleaned. I can’t run space heaters. PNM’s 40% rate increase since Martinez has been governor is destroying us.  I’ve been writing about the rate changes for several years now. PNM has record profits.  In order to attempt to bilk more rate increases out of the state, we ended up paying for PNM’s draconian plans for a rate hike.   We know PNM lied about rate hikes, their coal plants, and pulling a plant off-line.  We know they lied about other things.  How do we know they are not lying about their new meters?  Everyone I know, who has been inflicted with one of their new meters, has seen a dramatic increase in their rates.  In New Mexico, PNM is a monopoly.  There are other states, which give people the option of choosing their electrical companies.  Texas does – unless you live in an area controlled by PNM!

What would it be like to be warm, just for a couple hours? I was trying so hard to get things made & in the mail for Christmas. I’m too cold to work. I just want to be warm. I just want to have some hope that this 5 year nightmare will end. I’m tired of living on nothing. I’m tired of being humiliated over money & having to beg just to survive. I’ve had almost everything taken because of living in this hell hole. I don’t wish the shit I’ve been through on my worst enemies.

Did you know PNM customers are paying some of the highest rates in the country?

Open Energy Information
Open Energy Information

I am now facing absolutely ruinous power bills for the next 8 weeks.  No, I’m not doing anything any different other than cutting back on my power consumption.  I have arthritis in my hands, right elbow, and my legs.  The cold makes it miserable.  My hands stay cold. My nose stays cold.  I don’t mind a cold room at night.  But, in this day and age, in modern America, I should not be required to live in sub standard conditions because of an out of control public utility monopoly who has a track record of lies and deception.

My next eight weeks are grim.  I’m going to be forced to choose between paying property taxes and out of control power bills.  Forget buying food for me. I can take care of the animals, barely.  I can’t afford to buy gas for the car.  I can’t afford to leave my cold home.  It is depressing.  I spent my entire summer paying off last winter’s obscene bill.  The worst part of it is that it isn’t all that cold.   When I complain, I’m stuck with insulting comments about my life-style choices, like I were an alcoholic or a drug addict.

I have a fairly new heat pump.  It is the ONLY form of heat I can use in my condo other than the fireplace.  Due to my broken elbow, I can’t haul wood up and and down 24 stairs, every day.  This isn’t the dark ages.  I have all new energy efficient appliances. I am well aware of energy conservation.  I’m not a fool, even though PNM treats me like one.  I don’t enjoy being interrogated by well-meaning friends & associates who are determined to tell me what to do, and what I’m doing wrong.  I’ve lived in the same place since 1998.  I had not problems until 3 years ago when PNM changed my meter, and put in one of their new smart meters.  My bills skyrocketed.   Add the 41% rate increase of the past few years, and it is a disaster.  It is a disaster not of my making.

I’m tired of this.  If I were in a state other than New Mexico, I would have some sort of recourse.  The problem with New Mexico, is that it is almost illegal to complain, about anything.  The rule of thumb in this state is sit down and shut up.


I realized my big mistake was not anticipating, in 1998, that PNM would, 10 years later, raise their rates 41% and start using new smart meters that overly inflate usage and cost.  Yes, I guess I’m that stupid and foolish.  The problem is, I’m sick and tired of the abuse I get, because of where I live and the situation in which I now live. It dawned on me that I’m being abused, not only by PNM, but by well-meaning friends and associates who are constantly telling me what to do. I’m sick and tired of being told what I’m doing wrong and what I need to be doing, when I’m doing what I know is right.

I just wish people in New Mexico would help fight PNM.  It isn’t going to happen. PNM suggests I apply for their charity.  I don’t want that.  I want to be treated FAIRLY.  I want not to be lied to and cheated by an out of control public utility which is a basic monopoly.   We all know what PNM is doing is illegal.  They need to be taken out with a class-action lawsuit.  If this were another state, it would already have happened.  This is New Mexico. No one gives a damn.