The Bill Cosby Conundrum


Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 7.18.19 PMAny woman who screams rape after going to a man’s hotel/motel suite, has a glass of wine, and accepts a few ‘pills’ from him is either stupid or lying.  Women know exactly what they are doing and what they are getting into, no matter how important the celeb, or the situation.  No, she should not have been raped, but it’s like the stupid bimbo who goes to a toga party at a frat house and is so stoned she doesn’t know she’s doing.  She had an option not to put herself in the situation to begin with.

It is quite simple.  We live in a modern world.  I still think that what Bill Cosby was doing with these women is more about kink than rape.  There’s one simple reason.  The man is a big-time celebrity.  He could buy and pay for any women he wanted, who didn’t throw themselves at him.  That’s the way of the world.

Next, I have zero sympathy for any of these women.  I don’t think they should even receive a cent in hush money, let alone take this to prosecution.  Sorry, I’m a modern woman.  I consider myself a feminist.  As a feminist, I know, good and well that rape happens.  Bad things happen to good people, and bad people do bad things.  I know.  I was molested as a child.  When I finally recovered, it was at a time when there were no lawsuits, no statues, and no compensation.  I received nothing.  I was on my own.  At the time, my therapist did not even know how to treat someone who was going through what I was.

Guess what?  I recovered nicely.  I had to do it on my own, and to learn how to forgive, in order to survive.  I have no respect or regard for anyone who receives a cent in ‘compensation’.  Seems to me they are the ones who do the worst, trying to recover, and make being a victim a full-time job.  I’m not a victim.  I’ve recovered. I don’t tolerate professional victims very well.

I also don’t have much respect or tolerance for the women who allege that they are Cosby’s victims.  There’s a simple reason for that.  As a modern woman, and a feminist, I know the score.  You accept a man’s invitation to go to his hotel suite, and you’d better go with a friend, or be going for fun and games.  You accept a man of power’s invitation to go to his suite to discuss your future and you know you’re dealing with the casting couch. You don’t go to a person’s suite, hotel, motel, or even their home unless you know you are not going to be alone.  I’ve lived alone and traveled alone most of my life.  You don’t put yourself in a situation where something could happen.  You don’t trust anyone, no matter how famous they are.

But – you say, a woman is limiting opportunity for career advancement by not going to that hotel room. I’m sorry, but men don’t do that.  They go to a bar, have a beer, play golf, or do something else, but they don’t go to someone’s hotel room unless they’re planning what you claim was rape. That’s not how you do things, professionally.  Any women who says she was hindered from professional growth by not doing that, or does that, then claims rape is abjectly stupid.

I’ve been there and not done that.  I know how the game is played.  The guy waits until you may be a little weak.  “You look like you could use a good (insert non threatening treat).  Why not come up to my room, and prop up your feet, or have a glass of wine, or (insert whatever) and we’ll talk about your career.”  Sorry, I know how the game is played, and the guys don’t play it that way when making their own career choices.  I don’t play by victim’s rules.  I play by the rules established by the men.  I know the game.

Any woman who says she doesn’t know the game, and doesn’t have an idea of what is going to happen is lying. When you know the man is married, and can ‘help’ you, any woman who goes to a man’s room and isn’t prepared to exchange favor for favor is also lying.   Sure, my take on things is harsh and brutal, but it is a harsh and brutal world.

Many years ago, I happened to know of one of the women who is claiming rape. Her father had an apartment directly under one my sister and I rented, in Atlanta.  He was a very successful person who was extremely proud of his daughter, who refused to give him the time of day. She was too busy promoting her career, hurting him badly.  Everyone felt sorry for him.  We had a friend who had known her for several years and said she was a self-centered predator.  When he died, she did not even bother with his funeral. She ordered everything sold and would the manager please send her a check. This specific woman would do anything, say anything and manipulate any situation to come out ahead.  If the other women are like she is/was, I have absolutely no sympathy for them.

Ages ago, I was in a group where a discussion was about a woman who would go to a man’s motel room, knowing what he wanted, and willing to put out, in order to advance herself.  The general consensus was the ones who put out, and received no compensation for their activities were the ones who complained the loudest.

The women going after Bill Cosby knew what they were doing.  They knew the score and were well aware of the mystique of the casting couch. For them to scream rape, now is just another way of being paid for their performance.

You don’t go to a married man’s room and not know what you are doing. Being a modern feminist works both ways.  Not only do we have the right to the same things men have, but we also have the same responsibilities.  I walked away from the promise of a big literary pay day.  The person who was going to promote me turned a little, unassuming, housewife into a best-seller.  His fee was too high. She died a multi-millionaire.  I was probably stupid for not taking him up on his offer.

Should a woman be able to go to a man’s hotel room and not fear being raped?  Of course she should. Unfortunately, that isn’t the way the world works.  There’s nothing wrong with using one’s head, and having a little wisdom.  If a man isn’t willing to discuss your career in a public location he’s up to no good – period.  No woman is asking for it.  She should be able to walk down a street, naked, and not be harassed or raped.  But, that’s not how things work.