Morality, Cultures & ISIS


Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 7.18.19 PMWe modern Americans have a problem.  The blanket comment would be to blame everything on politics, either liberal or conservative, but this time, it won’t work.  I think we can blame our modern thinking and a marked tendency to try and see the good in all cultures, especially primitive ones.  The end result, I fear, is the rise of ISIS. Like the Borg, they are using ourselves against us. Our cultural liberalism must allow it to continue.  For some strange reason, quite often, liberals find some strange consolation in advocating for cultures and for minority ideas, no matter how repugnant they are and violate our modern civilized values.  In order to accommodate what should not be accommodated, they run the risk of not only looking like hypocritical fools, but they are harming people who need to be helped.  Conservatives on the other hand, have a tendency towards fear.  By accommodating the fear generated by terror, they are allowing it to continue.

“…As I told the UN Security Council this spring, what inspires the most lethal assailants in the world today is not so much the Quran or religious teachings but rather a thrilling cause and a call to action that promises glory and esteem in the eyes of friends. Foreign volunteers for the Islamic State are often youth in transitional stages in their lives – immigrants, students, people between jobs and before finding their mates. Having left their homes, they seek new families of friends and fellow travellers to find purpose and significance….”

The average age for someone in ISIS is 25.  A quarter of them are religious converts to Islam, brought in by peer pressure and recruitment.  The vast majority of them, like those involved in Christian Reconstruction, devotees of Bill Gothard  have no real religious background or training.  They are, like followers of R. J. Rushdoony, abjectly ignorant of their faith.  In France the total Muslim population is about 7%, yet 70% of those in French prisons are Muslim.

In Denver, 200 Muslim meat-packers were fired because they said Cargill refused to accommodate their religious needs.  The question is, why should Cargill be required to do this?  If they want a job, they follow the rules.  If a woman wants to remain clerk of court, she should be willing to set aside her personal beliefs to follow the law.  Reasonable men and women understand that there are times when we DO NOT practice our religious beliefs in public, or on the job.  We can pray silently and have our personal ethics, but to demand employers to bend to our will is thuggery.

For some strange reason, our society had this tendency to wax poetic, and discuss the virtues of primitive cultures.  Women in the US are bending over backwards to say that the hijab is just fine for Islamic women.  The problem is that it is a symbol of the horror that can be inflicted on women.

“…What kind of mothers are these who not only tell their children they should commit suicide for Allah but let them watch daily TV messages in between cartoons that say they should kill themselves and even give them suicide belts to march around to practice their suicides Like mothers everywhere, when they inflict abuse on their children they are simply repeating abuse that was committed on them when they were little girls. That terrorist cultures treat females horribly is well known. When a girl baby is being born, Islamist cultures traditionally dig a hole next to the birthing bed in case it is female and might be infanticided. A large majority of all girls in Islamist cultures are raped, and are even often blamed for their rape, since it is assumed that “those who don’t ask to be raped will never be raped.” Most girls have their genitals painfully mutilated around 6 years of age by their mothers, who as they chop off their clitoris and labia joyfully chant: “Today I am the master, for I am a man. Look—I have the knife in my hand…Your clitoris, I will cut it off and throw it away for today I am a man.” Genital mutilation is practiced by Islamist families from  countries; a recent survey of Egyptian girls and women, for instance, showed 97 percent of uneducated families and 66 percent of educated families still practiced female genital mutilation. As girls grow up they are treated as polluted beings, veiled, and routinely beaten by their mothers and husbands. It is no wonder that Physicians for Human Rights found that 97 percent of women they surveyed in Islamic areas suffered from severe depression. Such life-long painful physical and sexual abuse surely does not help a woman give love to her children; she passes on her beating, burning, cutting, kicking, and stabbing to the next generation…”

Today, we are basically delusional.  There is something totally ingrained in our culture, a total loathing of who we are and the fact that what we are, and why we are may make us better than the uncivilized.  In order not to condemn various cultures, we basically lie to ourselves by saying they are just as good as we are, only different.  Our Judeo-Christian values have taught modern humans otherwise.  The problem is that there is this rejection of Judeo-Christian values.

If the study about young people going into ISIS, because they want something more, is true, our culture is failing them.  Their parents are failing them.  Reading into it, they are little more than the murderous, psychopathic version of millennial hippies, rebelling against the modern world and its lack of values.  I don’t know how a parent guards against such things.  I suspect a starting place is a non-radical religious back-ground of reason, logic, and knowledge.  Knowledge is the real power, and these people have very little.  Once again, this is not limited to ISIS, but is a serious problem with young people who have been raised in Christian Reconstruction.  It is true of young people who are raised in conservative orthodox communities in Israel, to the point where there are some who are now filing lawsuits against various religious leaders for attempting to limit their education.

The other important tool in fighting ISIS is intellectual honesty.  It is something in very short supply these days, on both the right and the left.