Cry Me a River


Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 7.50.40 PMOn Tuesday, the President of the United States embarrassed himself with his crocodile tears over gun violence.  He had some very good ideas and proposals today.  But, doing them by executive orders is not a good idea.  Presidents have used executive orders since day one.  They do so because they know what they want done can’t be passed by Congress.  Then, when a new POTUS from a different party comes in, they undo what the previous POTUS did.  That’s the cold hard truth of today’s Dog &Pony Show.  It was all about hyperbole, attention, and calculated to further split the American people, who are almost at each others throats since Obama and the Dems discovered a way to maintain power – by pure nastiness.  The idea is to keep their diverse constituencies so riled up they cannot think logically.  I’ve spent my entire adult life playing with politics and today’s progressive is the nastiest operative I’ve ever encountered.

I wish it were about doing something concrete to deal with gun violence, where possible.  But, pardon my cynicism but this is all about political window dressing in a political year.  It makes a failed president look good, while his fawning press can ignore the atrocities he has enabled in the Middle East.  As far as what Obama did on Tuesday, he could have a Constitutional mess on his hands.  His abuse of executive orders is unprecedented.  It is just another sign of a failed politician who is incapable of working with Congress.

Doug Mataconis has expressed what bothers me.

“…In addition to new regulations aimed at tightening up who is required to report gun transfers, there will apparently also be changes designed to restrict the ability of people who may be mentally ill to obtain weapons legally, but while this is a laudable goal the proposed actions also raise as many questions as they answer. The new regulations, for example, will apparently make it hard for anyone who is referred for psychiatric treatment to ever obtain a weapon, even if their mental illness is under control or there is otherwise no evidence that they are a threat to the public. Additionally, the Social Security Administration will be ordered to submit to the background check system its list of people deemed unable to handle their own benefits. In addition to the question of whether or not the Administration has the legal authority to make these changes without Congressional approval, these changes raise serious issues regarding medical privacy. As Jacob Sullum argues at Reason, and as I have argued in the past, regulations like this also bring into question the idea that people should be encouraged to seek treatment for mental illness since it raises fears that doing so will result in having one’s condition reported to the government. In that case, people who should be treated might arguably be inclined to decline it out of fear that their condition, and the stigma that mental illness still carries in society, will impact other areas of the lives….”

There are so many problems here. Yes, people who have serious mental problems need to be monitored, for their own protection.  My problem is where does it stop?  Is this not a violation of HIPPA privacy rules?  Even if a person says he’s going to blow up who-knows-what and tells his therapist, it is a violation for the therapist to tell anyone.  Are these executive orders going to eliminate that federal law?  Should they?  We have a serious problem, now, with people not seeking therapy because of the fear it will show up on their records.  They’re not getting treatment for substance abuse, due to fear of discrimination.  You think they’re going to go to a therapist, now?  This is a very nasty can of worms.

Obama ignored the astronomical suicide rate of our heroes returning from war, and those in the military.  So many people are not getting treatment for PTSD – thanks to the corruption within Obama’s VA.  (Let’s not blame this on Bush).  This is NOT going to stop suicides.  It isn’t going to stop domestic violence.  It does let Obama rally the troops and shed a tear.

I think we need serious new federal regulations when it comes to guns, like closing the gun show loophole and allowing a therapist to report, at specific times, serious problems.  It should NOT be done via executive orders.  It should be done via Congress.  Blaming the NRA for what is going on is just another way of getting around an Administrations inability to work work with Congress.  Lobbyists can only go so far.  Elected officials in the House and Senate vote the way their constituents want them to vote.  They are doing what they’ve been told by those who elected them.  If the majority don’t agree with what Obama wants, then his flaunting of executive orders is like a boot in the rear of we the little people.


2 thoughts on “Cry Me a River

  1. You make some good points, but you made one mistake, common among people who perhaps just don’t know the truth. The truth is, the “gun show loophole” is a myth perpetrated by the anti-gun crowd.

    Anyone inside the premises of a gun show that is a dealer in guns MUST have a FFL to do business. The same is true for internet sales. If you buy a gun online, you must have it sent to your local FFL where you have to fill out the paperwork and have a background check done…for every purchase, the exception being if you buy more than one gun at one time. But you still have to fill out a form for each weapon.

    This EO didn’t really touch on private sales, ie. your buddy down the street sells you a rifle or pistol. (Frankly, I’d much rather buy a gun this way because I don’t think it’s anyone’s business, especially the government, what kind of guns I have or how many.)

    California just passed a law that allows for confiscation just because your neighbor got the ass on you and drops a dime to call the law and report you for any vague reason. Then its up to you to prove that you’re innocent and good luck getting your property back. Hope you got several thousand dollars to hire a good lawyer.

  2. I agree with most of what he’s doing. It’s the show that truly made me cringe. I am not a gun fan. I like the idea of modernizing the system. It is an idea whose time came ages ago. The problem is most crime and most murders are committed by illegally obtained firearms. I think I was reading it’s like 63%. Then there is the way court are releasing people who have violated the law & they go back, murdering someone right after being released. Happening here in NM way too often.

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