The Talibaning of Western Women Has Begun


Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 4.39.23 AMLast week I wrote about the problem with the women who have accused Bill Cosby of rape.  I have not changed my opinion.  I suspect the vast majority of them knew the score.  Had they been compensated for services rendered I don’t think they would be doing what they are.  As a woman who has gone through hell with a stalker, and having dealt with abuse as a child, I am extremely cynical about many things.  I have been writing, for ages, about women and Islam, and the problems progressives have created by not standing up for feminism and women’s rights.   I’ve also been very outspoken about my views when it comes to the economic refugees flooding Europe and now demanding entry into this country.  I’m going to be even more outspoken and open myself up to greater criticism when I say what I think.

The economic refugees from Syria and other Muslim countries who are flooding Europe are, for the most part, very poorly educated.  They are the product of a third world culture which has progressed very little, since the medieval times.  Oh, it had, but thanks to various and sundry circumstances, the culture has regressed.  They live in a culture and in a world which, quite obviously, is not comparable with the modern world, unless they are willing to evolve and change, and modernize.  Especially in Europe, where we are dealing with what are little more than ghettos of refugees from Muslim countries, this is a very serious problem.  Unlike those who come to this country, they are refusing to adapt and change to the culture of their new home.

One of the consequences of this refusal to adapt is the way they view women.  The rumors of rape squads have been circulating for some time.  On New Year’s Eve, in Cologne, upward of a thousand refugees, all Islamic, went on a rape binge, attacking European women at will, raping, robbing, and injuring them, without impunity.   Portions of German cities are now considered ‘no-go’ zones for Europeans, especially women, since Angela Merkel’s government allowed upward of a million refugees into the country.

Instead of demanding the refugees, who are increasingly out of control, confirm to civilized standards, various German officials, including the mayor of Cologne, are demanding that European women change or modify their behavior in order to lesson the possibility of being raped by barbarians.  There are towns were children are no longer outside unless they are escorted by adults.  Girls in schools are being required to modify their dress code so as not to be raped by men who don’t quite grasp the idea that women have a right not to be raped.

This is just the beginning.  For some strange reason, liberals and progressives, those on the left think that civilized women should be required to modify behavior to accommodate the barbaric  behavior of some men of Islam.  Until we demand those who are migrating out of Islamic third world countries modify their behavior to exist in the modern world, this is going to continue.  Women are going to be required to stand up for their rights, even women on the left.  If not, we’re going to be forced to down a burka for our very survival.  I have no intention of doing so.