The Cruz Conundrum


Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 7.18.19 PMMy cousin Paris was born in Sudan when his parents were missionaries.  Both of his parents were American citizens with family on both sides that goes back to the Pilgrims.  Our family has so many DAR patriots it is embarrassing.  When he came of age, and was required to register for the draft, he simply declared himself an American citizen.  Nothing else was needed.  Something like this should be enough for Ted Cruz, but there’s a problem.

There is a very serious elephant in the GOP circus tent.  Trump is tip-toeing around it.  There have been rumors floating for years that Ted Cruz’s mother renounced her American citizenship when she moved to Canada to marry his father.  The other ugly little rumor that floated around for years is that his father was a loyal supporter of Fidel Castro.

Breitbart has uncovered a voter roll with his mother’s name on it.  I don’t trust Breitbart, so I’ll wait for another source.  The rumors about his parents have circulated for at least 8 – 10 years.  He needs to answer the question and quit being cagey about it.  If his mother did not renounce her citizenship then I don’t see a problem.  If she was traveling around  on a Canadian passport and voting as a Canadian, then it could be a serious problem for him.

I do find it ironic that he claims to be so terribly religious, yet won’t face the facts on this one, good or ill.  Unfortunately, if he is the nominee, I suspect I’ll be forced to vote for him.  Don’t expect me to vote for another Democrat – ever.

While we’re on the subject, Nikki Haley would put an excellent spin on the GOP ticket. She is far better than the governors of New Mexico and Oklahoma, and the GOP needs a woman on the ticket.  There is one little problem, and I’ve covered it ages ago.  Nikki has a vetting problem.  I don’t mind admitting I assumed she would be a failed governor, primarily due to her association with former governor Mark Sanford. I was wrong.  The vetting problem is based on rumors and innuendo.  It could be enough to keep her off a national ticket.  On the other hand, the rumors come from a source who is a total sleaze.  During both her original campaign for governor and her re-election campaign she was able to over-come the rumors.


3 thoughts on “The Cruz Conundrum

  1. I am sorry but a lot more is required than just declaring oneself a citizen if you were born of American parents abroad. A CRBA (Consular Report of Birth Abroad) has to be filed with a U.S, Embassy or Consulate along with a birth certificate and other documents. If the Embassy or Consulate determines that the child born abroad, is a citizen, a form FS-240 will be filed in the child’s name. If the parents did not do this after the child’s birth, the person born abroad will have to apply for a U.S. Certificate of Citizenship through a naturalization process, get a background check and renounce all allegiance to foreign nations. If Cruz cannot produce an FS-240 or a U.S. Certificate of Citizenship, then technically he is not a citizen. Also, anybody who would vote for Nikki Haley on any GOP ticket would have to have rocks in his head.

  2. I was listening to a Constitutional scholar this evening on CNN. I forget his name… He said Cruz could have a problem. He’s being way to coy about it.

  3. I voted for Haley twice. But after the last year of her administration, I wouldn’t vote her dog catcher.

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