Political Ignorance Is Not a Good Thing – Feeling the Bern


Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 7.18.19 PMThere’s nothing wrong with a person who is not involved in politics.  Most people don’t have the stomach for it.  Let’s face it, politics are the most vicious contact blood-sport in the world. It’s live and let die, all’s far, no love lost, and then snuggle up to your enemies to screw another enemy.  It is an irrational world of winner take all, but the loser might not has lost as badly as one thinks.  There is nothing noble about it.  It’s the greatest show on earth.

It is also not a game for the ideological.  Yes, it sounds like a contradiction in terms, but having played around in politics since I was in the fourth grade, I know how the game is played.  It is great to be ideological and think that a politician can do lofty things.  Unfortunately, 99.9% of the time the opposite is true.  Politicians are human.  There are good ones, bad ones, black ones, white ones, short ones, fat ones, young ones, and old ones.  They can be rich, poor, male, female, and of any possible religious configuration. It’s a lot like Go Dog Go.  Do you like my hat.  I do not like your hat.

One must understand that all politicians are human – we hope.  I’ve seen a few I’m not quite sure about, but that’s a different story, perhaps best saved for either the X-Files or SNL.  People do stupid things.  They do illegal things and – at times, they even do honest things. They can be paranoid, delusional, saints, sinners, and mostly in between.  The problem is the political newcomer who just doesn’t understand that it is a strange world, and no one is entirely good or entirely bad.  They’re just people.

Unfortunately, the past few years, we’ve been subjected to one truly annoying political movement which sucked in people who knew nothing about politics.  And, like my grandfather Froehlich said, the political pendulum swings back and forth.  It went one way, and is now swing back the other.  We’re watching the same type of a movement being born, on the left.  The newly political are young, idealistic, and are factually challenged, but that doesn’t matter.  They have Bernie.

They are irrational in their support of him, unable to comprehend that others might not be able to stomach him.  Instead of chalking it up as life, they pick and pick and pick, arguing until you want to do something almost violent and throw a bucket of cold water on them.

One of their other short-comings is that they are short on facts.  Like their right wing counterparts, the Tea Party, don’t expect logic, reason, or even fact based conversation.  It isn’t possible.  They basically don’t know how the world works, period, when it comes to politics.  They think that a $15/hour minimum wage is not going to be a problem, and that the wealthy do not pay taxes.

Just don’t expect reality from them.