Why Will Smith Will Never Win An Oscar


Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 7.50.40 PMI still don’t understand why Will Smith wasn’t nominated this year.  Take that back, I do know, and I don’t think it has anything to do with racism, but propping up the NFL and its culture of death.  The NFL is powerful.  From what I’ve heard, they’ve done everything they possibly can to suppress Concussion.  The minute I saw a clip I figured that the role was his Oscar.  Boy was I wrong.

I wasn’t all that old, but I remember when John Wayne finally won an Oscar for his 1969 film, True Grit.  My grandparents were John Wayne fans, ergo, it rubbed off on me.  I remember watching that night, one of the first times I ever watched the Academy Awards.  Everyone just knew he would not win, because he was so popular.  The rule of thumb, even then was that popular actors who were household names rarely won anything.  When his name was announced, the roar from the audience was huge.  After all, Cary Grant had never won one, and next to Humphrey Bogart, who had won for African Queen.  In doing so, he set the standard where a popular actor must undergo some almost startling transformation to win something.  In other words, don’t expect to see Harrison Ford to win anything.

Will Smith is in the same boat, literally.  As far as pop culture, he’s one of the most popular and well-paid actors.  Just look at his list of films.  The problem for Smith is not his race, but his popularity.  He’s also an incredible actor, one of the best around, these days.  That doesn’t matter to Oscar.  The bottom line is that Oscar does not like to reward success.  You see people and winners who are new, and may never do anything else.  They are to be rewarded, but the people who hold up the box-office have money.

Until Mrs. Smith began discussing race & Oscar, I never paid much attention to the subject.  I also thought she was wrong.  Then I started looking at the numbers and the results.  Not only do minorities not receive nominations, but they also don’t get realistic roles.   Currently, if there is a movie that has the role of POTUS in it, blacks get to be president.  But, the romantic lead?  Nope.  They can be the token feed ’em to the aliens, but rarely do the get the Will Smith role where they get to be the hot shot fighter pilot, romantic lead, and hero, plus survive.

I am a chick flick fan.  Okay, I admit it.  On Friday, I was  having a discussion with my sister and youngest niece.  You NEVER see mixed-race couples even on television.  Forget about chick flicks.  They can be cheeky friends, or the class clown, but never the romantic lead, and never as a mixed-race couple.  Recently, I was watching a movie on the SciFy Channel, which featured a mixed race couple who were the leads.  It is something terribly rare in Hollywood.

Real life is different.  Forget about seeing mixed race couples who are Hispanic & white or black, let alone Asian, like a friend of mine and his wife.  Is there a disconnect in Hollywood, or are they that racist?  Considering the liberal attitude, I suspect it is more about a disconnect from we the little people.  Reality is about a world where love has no racial boundaries.  You are more likely to see a LGBT couple than mixed race, and forget about a mixed race LGBT couple.

You don’t find that many minorities in romantic leads when it comes to a chick flick.  Once again, they are cheeky side-kicks, roommates, or a cop.  They can of course, be the bad person, but the romantic lead in the house down the street, where people are normal (if we do indeed know what normal really is) just isn’t there, unless it is on OWN.  Why can’t a black couple be romantic and have a great chick flick without violence, social commentary, doing just good stupid romance?  You could take any great romance and put people of different races in it, not just people who are white, but you don’t see that either.  Okay, maybe you do, I just don’t go to movies that much.  Oh, wait, those are usually Will Smith movies.

Does Hollywood have that arrogant and that contemptible view of we the little people?  Do they think we the little people are so bigoted and racist that we don’t live in a mixed racial world?  It’s the same thing when dealing with liberals and the South.  My sister and I were talking about the number of mixed-race couples in the deep south from the 1980s onward.  To hear/read liberals, the south is nothing but pure racism.  The opposite is true when you look at mixed-race.

I think we’re dealing with the Hollywood elite who have such an arrogant world view that they don’t quite understand we the little people don’t give a rip about race.  I don’t expect it to change any time soon.  I also don’t expect to see realistic portrayals of anyone other than white any time soon.  They think we’re that bigoted.  I think it reflects their own personal bigotry towards we the little people.

Yep, Mr. & Mrs. Smith are right.  Maybe Mrs. Smith needs to go to Washington!

P. S. I’m surprised they even let people who aren’t lily white even be in commercials.  It is amazing how utterly bigoted and racist Hollywood’s liberal elite are.


2 thoughts on “Why Will Smith Will Never Win An Oscar

  1. Ok, for what its worth, you’re pretty spot on, except that TV did portray a mixed race couple in a long running show. Remember the spin off of All In The Family, The Jeffersons? The Black son, Lionel married a White girl and the White girl’s parents were also a mixed race couple.

  2. And…. how long ago was the Jeffersons? It was also a political and social thing, pointing out race. It was also some of the best comedy, ever. That was also one time.

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