Iowa Caucuses & the X-Files


Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 7.18.37 PMNeed I say more?

Or – I have no earthly idea what to write for today.

Thank goodness Iowa is over, and we can forget about it for awhile.  Iowa is a joke. It is a small state where people have come to think they must be waited on and catered too, in order to attend a truly degrading caucus, and have their flunkies present even more material for people to decide.  The candidate who can round up the most bullies, tell the most lies, and have the most deranged supporters wins.  Something should also be noted.  Ted Cruz out-maneuvered everyone else, not with his charm, but his choice of director of his Iowa campaign. Now that Karl Rove’s career is as dead as Jacob Marley, I think we’re probably looking at a new campaign superstar. Granted, they pushed the envelope, but they won.

What Ted Cruz did was dirty, nearly dishonest, and probably did change the outcome in Iowa.  It also highlights why Iowa is like the X-Files, the truth just isn’t out there, period.  Maybe it is more Twilight Zone. The caucuses themselves are patently dishonest.  The entire process is arrogant and narcissistic. A primary process is not.  I suspect the vote would have been much different had there been a real primary. Thing is, with so few people participating in the process, the shift of just 1% or 2% of the votes, away from Cruz, to Carson would have dramatically changed the outcome.

As for the Democrats, I’m just glad Hillary emerged, unscathed.

It’s no way to elect a president, that’s for sure.


2 thoughts on “Iowa Caucuses & the X-Files

  1. I am not a Cruz supporter, but he only repeated what CNN reported. Rubio’s people did the same thing. It is hard to believe that Cruz stole 30,000 votes from Carson. Maybe that’s the reason Rubio did so much better than expected.

  2. From what I gather there was an email sent out that CNN picked up before it happened. Cruz outsmarted the whole bunch. He pushed the envelope and appears to have been caught, but it was interesting. It’s the people behind his campaign who did the dirty work, but that’s Iowa. The disgusting part is what Steve King did. I just don’t like that man.

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