Bernie’s Age


CIMG0469Bernie Sanders is an old man.  No, it isn’t because he was born in 1941 and is only 74-years-old. It is because he acts like an old man.  He acts a good ten years older than his age.  Someone who is 74 these days is not old.  Unless there is a physical problem, they aren’t bent over with age.   When they are listening to someone discuss something they don’t like, they don’t move their mouths in a certain way.  I watched him during the debate on Thursday evening and what I saw alarmed me.  Sure, I don’t like the man.  I never have.  I never will, but that is not what this is about.  If, God forbid, he were elected POTUS, by the time the new POTUS was sworn into office, in 2021, he would be 80.  Don’t get me wrong, 80 is still extremely viable.  My grandfather Froehlich was doing incredible things at that age.  We were trying to talk my father into slowing down a little at that age.

IMG_1017As you can see from the date stamp, this is a photo of my father in 2008.  At the time he just turning 84, a good ten years older than Bernie Sanders is, now.  The photo on the left is my father at age 88, and was in Stage Three Alzheimer’s.  That’s how Bernie looks, today.  This is a huge problem.  Contrary to the claims that the man’s health is quite good, his encroaching physical frailty does not tell the same story.

My family, all four sides, has been blessed with the longevity gene.  The average age of death is into the 90s.  They were ‘old’ generations in that especially on my father’s side, the women were not exactly young when they began having children.  They were too busy marching for women’s rights, the vote, prohibition, and having careers before marriage. My grandmother Reidhead was 40 before my father was born.  Because of this, I had the great honor of getting to know a heck of a lot of my senior citizen relatives.  My great-uncle, Wilfred hiked the Appalachian Trail when he was 80 – alone!  I know how people Bernie’s age look and how they should act.  At his age, my grandfather Froehlich was teaching us how to put lady fingers in nearly rotten apples and throwing them at his 70-year-old sister, who began throwing them on him.

My grandmother Reidhead was about the same age Bernie is when she had a small stroke.  She was being cared for by her 80-year-old sister.  When my grandmother Froehlich realized what was going on, and managed to get to them, she was nearly dead.  Gram never did really recover from the incident.  What I remember with her was watching the way she moved her mouth and her lips, when she was listening to Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 5.53.27 AMsomething she did not like.  Bernie did that Thursday nigh.  To me, that is a sign the man is starting to slip a little.  Even at Stage Six Alzheimer’s, my father never did that.

There is something wrong with the man, wrong enough to warrant extensive tests and reporting everything to the public.  I suspect, they are going to find he is tripping into early dementia.  I’ve seen it.  I would take Sanders for a man a good ten years older than he is now.  That is not a good thing.

To put it into perspective, Harrison Ford is a year younger.  Sir Paul is the same age.  There is nothing feeble about either man.  You want to compare apples to oranges?  Look at Harrison Ford, then go watch Bernie Sanders on the nightly news.   When you look at Harrison Ford you don’t think senior citizen, let alone an old man.  When you look at Bernie Sanders, all you see is a mean, grumpy, old man.

To put this into perspective, my 86-year-old mother is the one who started noticing how old Sanders looks.