Sunday Morning Opera: A Barihunk To Watch


Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 10.50.47 PMYes, it is a registered trade mark, but I think it is highly permissible here, considering the fact that Jonathan Estabrooks is an official barihunk, with the pin-up calendar photos to go along with it.  As I have said several times, the baritone cannot be contained by opera.  His is a real entertainer, a throwback to days where someone with his talent would be gobbled up by Hollywood and cast into movies, even if he couldn’t act.  I don’t know if he can or cannot, but considering the fact that he has the gifts one does not often see these days, I don’t think it would matter.  Right now, I’m just glad that he’s doing videos so we can use them and promote him.  He’s the kind of talent who will probably end up headlining in Vegas, which is not a bad thing at all.

Here’s where I get to add if he truly wants to do something constructive, try a little Cole Porter.

This one of those oh sh*t moments – the man has talent!

These are very nice. Now, how about some opera, and some Gershwin? Just asking…?

P. S. The man is a very gifted artist to the point where I would love to have one of his paintings. Once upon a time I had a gallery. I would have been honored to show his work. He’s that good. One of these days, the man is going to be able to do just that, gallery work. I’ a total witch with a b when it comes to art and I would buy his, in a minute. He did a cityscape several years ago for auction for charity. I lost the bid for it – and am still complaining.