Political Media Nincompoops


Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 8.55.09 PMThere is an old baseball movie starring Ray Malland called It Happens Every Spring.  I mention this because Spring Training begins in twelve days.  Thank goodness football is finally over and we need not put up with it for another six months or so.  The first real primary of the 2016 season is tomorrow.  The silly season is officially coming to a close and it now becomes serious, all or nothing. It happens every four years, come hell, high water, snow, insanity, and duplicity.  This year  is no different, except for the abject ignorance and stupidity of the media.  They have been disgusting in the past, but they are going above and beyond, trying to prove how smart they are, and pandering for ratings worse than any given member of Congress at an assembly of billionaires.  Anyone who has followed politics most of their life knows how absurd they have become.  There are way too many news channels and far too few brains to go around, so we’re stuck with the theater of the absurd on a twenty-four-seven basis.

First, it doesn’t take a partisan to realize they are in the tank for the Democrats.  In order to be in the tank for the Democrats they are avoiding some serious realities in this country.   While unemployment may be at the lowest since 2008, our quality of living is plummeting. Over half the people in this country are basically $500 from total and complete ruin.  The Middle Class, as a whole, is worth half what it was before Obama came into office.  The media is ignoring the looming ACA disaster.  We are on the brink of World War III, thanks to Obama’s childish hatred of Vladimir Putin.  The Middle East is ready to go up in flames.  In order to make Obama look good, and to prevent Jeb Bush, who should be the logical choice for POTUS, the media must lie about almost everything.

Second, the GOP is not in disarray, at least no more than any political party is after eight years out of the White House.  The media must present it in disarray, in order to prop up the Democrats.  It is in far less disarray than it was 4 years ago when Romney was the disastrous nominee.  Currently Obama’s approval rating is at 46%.  If those numbers hold into late summer, the Democrats are in big trouble.  Bernie Sanders‘ past reveals him to be a hard-core Marxist.  The elephant in the room for the Democrats is not the ongoing discussion about Hillary’s e-mail accounts, but the Democrats and very specifically Barack Obama’s inability to deal with the Nazis in the Ukraine and to deal with ISIS.  The Democrats in this country are one terror attack away from total annihilation.

Third, the GOP is on the brink of getting back to normal, believe it or not, after the Tea Party debacle and attempted take-over by libertarians.  When Cruz goes down, it will put a dent in the power of the religious right. The GOP is beginning to show signs of normalizing.  Sure, there is some disarray.  That is to be expected, especially after the insanity of the past 8 years, but there is one little statistic that is being ignored.  The GOP may have become more conservative, but it is showing signs of moderating.  Unfortunately, the Democrats are 10 times more liberal than they were in 2000.  That is a very big deal.  The GOP has become more conservative, but the Democrats have almost fallen off a cliff they’re becoming so liberal.

Fasten your seat belts.  It’s going to be bumpy out there.   The Koch Machine’s little hand picked puppet crashed and burned Saturday night.  That’s the real problem with the GOP, the Koch Machine.  Yet, the Democratic apologetic media could care less about the disaster they’ve created.  All that matters is keeping a Republican out of office.


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  1. Asa far as I know, the much maligned Koch Brothers haven’t donated or endorsed any political candidate yet…at least publicly.

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