What If Abortion Activists on Both Sides Would Just Shut Up?


Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 12.11.05 PMI am sick of abortion as an issue.
Enough already yet.
Neither side is right.
Neither side is wrong.

No one, from either side is behaving like a grown-up. The whole damn bunch are petty, spoiled, narcissistic drama queens, who are incapable of comprehending that people, other than themselves, have viable opinions.  Supporters on both sides are lying, cheating, abusive jerks who would so anything to advance their cause. They deserve one another.

The problem is we’re stuck listening to both sides manipulate, posture, and prostitute themselves for dollars and votes.  I suspect, if we the rational could pull the plug on all of them, American politics would be much more pleasant.

Please, show me one anti-abortion activist who is against the death penalty.
Please, show me a pro-abortion activist who is for the death penalty.

And, now we are going to be stuck putting up with the posturing of both sides during the SCOTUS nomination process.

God help us all.