Can We Be Honest About Race


Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.44.06 PMOn Tuesday, Ben Carson opened his mouth and enraged the world by stating that Barack Obama did not have a real ‘black’ America experience like he did.  Evidently, according to Mark Lamont Hill, the problem is that because Ben Carson is a Republican, he cannot be ‘black’ in America.  We are told that cops who are boycotting Beyonce’s tour by refusing to work are basically racist because they object to her glorification of Black Panthers who were cop killers.  I gather it is now racist to even open one’s mouth when it comes to race, if you are white or Republican.  Let’s be honest here. If a white, country music singer had done a Super Bowl half time show that glorified the KKK would be destroyed.

Race in America is worse since Obama was elected POTUS.  I will be the first to admit that there are some extremely nasty racists out there, people who are furious because of the man’s skin color.  But (and this is where I am going to get in trouble) I swear Democratic political operatives and the Obama Administration itself has used and manipulated their situation to their best advantage.

I voted for the man.  I think  he is a genuinely good person.  You can watch the way he interacts with little kids, how he treats the elderly, and how he acts like a normal father who is trying to cope with the fact that he has two daughters who are nearly grown. I am also furious with him for blowing his Presidency, I think, by choosing some horrible advisers, case in point being Susan Rice and John Kerry. The man’s greatest failure is his inability to interact with Russian president, Vladimir Putin.  What is worse though, is that he has allowed his Administration to be disingenuous when it comes to race, and not seek a consistory tone with the American people.

Maybe the problem is the fact that is country is completely out of control due to the growing influence of Millennials. When you have an entire generation of spoiled brats who were raised by helicopter parents, completely unable to make a decision for themselves or hear a word of criticism, who think that ideas contrary to their own are abuse, then our nation is in serious trouble. Add to it a group of snotty little spoiled brat rich kids who have decided their lot in life would be made better if they could force the world to bow to them, because of their skin color, and we have  problem.

Perhaps I’m the racist because I think we are all the same, once that top layer of skin has been removed.  We are all equal in God’s eyes.  If we were to eliminate the chattering of professional racists who are manipulating the situation into media and punditry jobs, I wonder what would be going on in this country?  It is like the completely dishonest discussion about police brutality and racism.  Yes, there are bad cops, but no one wants to discuss the fact that the real problem is the fact that this nation is now almost controlled by prosecutors of both races who are using their positions as a stepping stone into politics.  They are the ones incapable or unwilling to prosecute bad cops, not due to race, but wanting to pander to their base, who want tough on crime.

Not all white people from the South are racist, even the ones who wave a Confederate flag.  Not all blacks who demand that #BlackLivesMatter are good and honorable.  People are people. I thought we were beyond the worst of racism, but I gather, when we listen to the pundits, and those who know more than we do, that we aren’t.

What if we the little people are not to blame for this, and we are being manipulated for political expediency?  I’m sick of it.  I do not look at the color of a person’s skin, but the quality of their character.  If that makes me a racist, then I guess I’m a racist. You know something, I don’t give a damn, not any more.