Trump, the Elites and the Pundits


Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 12.11.05 PMI do not support Trump. I was supporting my friend, Lindsey Graham, and then Jeb Bush. Republicans like of my ilk have been pushed out of the party.  Like many other Republicans, we were pushed out by Mitt Romney, and the Koch cabal.  We’re starting to see it try to coalesce to go after Trump to the point where Rubio is acting like a sniveling little brat.

I am a life-long Republican who was so disgusted by Romney that I voted for Obama. I was almost in tears when I did it. I have a very real problem with the fact that the Romney faction still controls the GOP. There is an arrogance and a contempt for anyone who isn’t on board with their little group. I literally lost friends over the fact that I refused to support him.

My GOP credentials are excellent. I have worked with the party since I was just a little kid and my mother was involved, locally, in South Carolina. I have a GOP resume I can match with anyone. All I did was refuse to support Romney and I have been politically destroyed. One of the people I worked with on the McCain campain experienced such hatred via the Romney people that she is now a Democrat. Romney is the one who killed the GOP as we know it. Now, he’s at it again. The contempt Jen Rubin shows for anyone supporting Trump or for anyone who did not support Romney was deplorable.

I have written extensively about Ted Cruz and his tawdry religious associations. I know the dirt in Rubio’s background. The only thing he has ever accomplished in his life is to stab Jeb Bush in the back. I know the associations Ron Paul and Rand Paul have. When you discuss racism and white supremacists, the real problem is Ron Paul (who is now out of the picture) and a lot of nasties supporting Ted Cruz. Unfortunately, the people like this destroyed the GOP 8 years ago.

If Trump is nominated, I have a feeling it will be a coin toss when I go to vote. I don’t want another Democratic POTUS, but I may end up voting for Hillary. Maybe then we can finally silence the Romney wing and let the GOP get back to what it was.

Once upon a time, the GOP was NOT a party of elites. I am seeing the old beginnings of the Reagan coalition behind Trump supporters. I also remember how Reagan was treated – like dirt. I think, instead of Trump being the problem, the Romney wing elites are in danger of destroying what is left of the party. The white supremacist thing bothers me. But, I’m also seeing the same white supremacist racism within the Sanders campaign, but no one is even talking about that. Never in my life have I seen such race based pandering as with Sanders. If he were a Republican he would be considered the worst of the racists.

And, yes, there are things Trump says that I like.  I live approximately 170 miles from the Mexican border.  Twelve years ago I was dead set against a border ‘wall’.  Today, I fear it is much needed.  And, no it is not a real wall but an electronic one.  There are roads near the border that are no longer safe to travel due to the drug trafficking. I go to Tombstone quite a bit.  One of my favorite drives, picking up Hwy 80 in New Mexico and driving the back way to Tombstone is now too dangerous to even attempt.  It is not about racism.  I have been outspoken in my support of people coming in from Mexico an Central America.  Trump is right.  He is also right about the rape.  Something like 90% of all women and girls who are traveling through Mexico to get to the US are raped in Mexico. When I made that discovery, I realized that we must prevent these women from sacrificing everything – to get here.  It is a horrible choice.  But, it isn’t racist, at least not for me.

We have a mess.  Things are so bad along the border, beautiful homes in Cochise County are being sold for far less than what they are worth, because of the illegal border crossings and the criminal element coming in from Mexico. I’ve been house shopping for well over a year, and would love to have one, but it isn’t safe. The reality is something drastic must be done along that border, but no one wants to address it.

No, I’m not looking at it as racial. I’m looking at it as a security issue. There are grim realities here that the GOP does not want to address. If I vote the nominee, and that happens to be Trump, does that make me an ill educated, angry, racist voter? Or, are the punditry and the elites just having a temper tantrum because they no longer control the party?

I don’t know you, but I love this stuff!  What has been unsaid, and needs to be exposed to the light of day is this undercurrent of alleged racism.  Yes, there are racist people out there.  Just because a person is biased and racist does not make them a bad person.  We are all biased.  The person who can admit to bias and ignore it in their daily lives is the one I truly respect.  It’s the so-called unbiased progressive like Bernie Sanders that I can’t stomach.  The man is running the most racist campaign I’ve ever seen.

The Democrats and progressives have come up with a way to race bait in that they’ve managed to create a climate where the ultimate evil is someone who is racist, even if they only have racist thoughts.  I have news for them, we all have racist thoughts. They are ignoring the fact that more hate crimes are committed against Jews than any other group in the country.  They are ignoring the fact that there are young blacks who are systemically committing hate crimes against whites.  It doesn’t fit their narrative.

I still can’t figure out how Rubio is planning for a brokered convention.  We all know it’s about Mitt Romney.  We also know that the Democrats are in huge trouble.  The real problem here is that Donald Trump is bring in new GOP voters.  These aren’t Tea Party voters.  They aren’t Koch Machine Voters.  Republicans are turning out to vote in primaries in large numbers.  The Democrats are not.  This does not bode well for November.



One thought on “Trump, the Elites and the Pundits

  1. I’m sorry that you considered Lindsey Graham or Jeb Bush as viable candidates for President. In my opinion, they’re worse than Romney…and I don’t like Romney.

    Graham and Bush are “go along to get along” politicians. Neither one of them have ever held a private sector job as far as I can tell. Both have fed off the government trough their entire adult lives and we have paid for it. They both pander to conservative voters every election cycle, then its back to business as usual. Remember that Graham helped give us Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayer.

    We live in SC, not too far from where you used to live. I go to Seneca all the time. It’s only six miles away.

    We have already voted and we went for Trump. I think he’s the only one right now that can, if not bring us back from the brink, at least apply the brakes to keep us from going over the edge.

    Frankly, most of us are getting tired of being pissed on and being told it’s raining. Trump is a protest vote.

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