The Koch Immolation of Donald Trump


Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 12.11.05 PMWhat I find absolutely remarkable is the fact that someone made an announcement picked up by The Hill, that there were white supremacists within the anti-immigration ranks.  DUH!  Anyone who has been following the story as long as I have knows that to be a fact.  To have the Koch-Romney Right now hyperventilate that there are racists in the room is just plain absurd.  They are not without sin.   I find it rather amusing that the people in the GOP who are lining up to support Rubio are among some of the WORST anti-immigration entities in the GOP.

Do you know who the following people are? Would you even recognize who they are fast enough not to retweet anything they might say? Or, did you know that Charles Koch, one of Marco Rubio’s big backers was once a member of the John Birch Society?

“…Billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch have been dominant financiers for conservative front groups and nonprofits for nearly three decades. Their money has flowed to organizations dedicated to lobbying for corporate and upper income tax cuts, as well as to groups responsible for mobilizing Tea Party rallies against President Obama. But the Koch family’s association with fringe right-wing groups began a generation earlier with Fred Koch, the patriarch of the clan.

Fred not only founded the company now known as Koch Industries, he also was a founding member of the John Birch Society. As a founding board member, Fred helped engineer a hysterical wave of attacks on labor, intellectuals, public education, liberal clergy members, and other pillars of society he viewed as a threat. Birchers decried everyone from former President Eisenhower to water utility administrators as pawns in a global communist conspiracy. In the last two years, as the Koch name has become synonymous with right-wing plutocracy in the United States, the Koch family has played down its relation to the Birchers….”

The only real difference between the John Birch Society and the KKK or you run of the mill white supremacist is education, money, wealth, and ability to pretend to be upper-class patriots.

Bill White, Hall Turner, Gary North, Jared Taylor, Arthur M. Thompson, R.J. Rushdoony, John Tanton, Roan Garcia-Quintana, Gordon Baum, Devvy Kidd, Jack Hunter, Glenn Spencer, Don Black, Heather MacDonald,
Barbara Coe, Sam Francis, Michelle Malkin, Mark Krikoran, Kris Kobach, Dan Stein, Richard Lamm, Pussy Riot, John Philippe Rushton, Richard Lynn, Peter Brimelow, John Brimelow, James Edwards, Fred Koch,
Bay Buchanan, Tom Tancredo, Russell Pearce, and so forth and so on…

Who are these people?  They are a tawdry little bunch of people you would not want to quote or re-tweet.  A few are dead, but that’s another story.  The purpose of this little exercise is to prove that people just don’t know who, what, when, or where, when it comes white supremacists, the KKK, John Birchers, or neo-Nazis.  You need a play-book to keep up with the changing names, faces, and issues. To expect someone running for POTUS, who does not know the score with this movement, and 95% of the country doesn’t, it is terribly unfair to damn them for it, no matter who they are.

The dirty little secret in this new, race-baiting society of ours is that the most evil person in the world is now a racist, even if it is just in thought. It is the worst sin one can commit.  The accusations of racism are little more than today’s version of the witch hunts of old, scapegoating anyone who does not confirm to the current demands for intellectual purity. Like the little boy who cried wolf, one of these days, no one is going to pay attention when something truly horrific happens.


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