Border Problems


Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 9.43.55 PM“…The Border Patrol’s Lordsburg station has been understaffed in recent months, down about 50 agents in a location that is budgeted for 284 agents….”

As the crow flies, I live less than 100 miles from the Mexican border.  If I were living in Tombstone, I would be minutes from the border.  I think there are times when people, especially politicians with an agenda and the media, who don’t live on the border, and don’t have a grasp of what is going on, should shut up about it already yet, and maybe spend a little time here.  According to statistics, violent crime has dropped in border cities. Facetiously, I would like to say that it is now centering in ABQ, which is horribly violent.  Seriously, there is a reason for the crime rate going down, dramatically.  When you put boots on the ground, and build what is literally a crime fighting wall, crime goes down, very quickly. Instead of El Paso drug traffecking is now going into Las Cruces.

“…However, the problem has escalated at an alarming rate in the last few years. Last spring Judicial Watch reported that violence in the region has gotten so out of control that both Mexican and American journalists have largely stopped reporting it out of fear that drug cartels will retaliate against them and their families. Around the same time a small town paper in Reynosa, the twin borer city of McAllen in south Texas, bravely ran a story describing the fear and panic that filled the streets during a three-hour firefight between rival drug cartels….”

The left doesn’t quite grasp the fact that for those of us who live here, it isn’t about illegal immigration, it is about the terror of narco-trafficking and the fact that Mexico is so corrupt they are going to do nothing to stop it.  You can’t talk about it.  You can’t write about it.  If a person is a victim, they are too terrified to even report it to the authorities, on this side of the border.  You literally don’t know who is on the take and who isn’t.  It is about crime on the border.

“...That alleged incident and a host of recent break-ins have ranchers across Hidalgo County and in southeastern Arizona outraged about what they say is a decline in border security. The cattle growers associations of both states are hosting a meeting this week in the tiny town of Animas to air their grievances to elected officials – including pleas for more boots on the ground – and they expect to draw a crowd.

The Bootheel’s rugged terrain of ridges and arroyos, sparse roads and sprawling desert has historically presented challenges for law enforcement charged with keeping the region safe, particularly from illegal traffic coming from Mexico. It’s a corridor favored by traffickers moving dope north to the drug-hungry U.S. market…”

What local ranchers and people living on the NM border report an entirely different experience from those in the cities where there is a gushingly congratulatory tone about lower crime statistics.

ABQ Journal
ABQ Journal

Instead, we are told is is about race, and racists. Yes, a decade ago, it was about racism and anti-Hispanic hate. But, the problem of hate was far greater away from the border, in say,the mid-west, than here in New Mexico. The exception is the fact that people of Hispanic origin who live here are among the most outspoken when it comes to anti-illegal migrant activity.  According to several of my friends, their families have been here for five hundred years – legally.  If people from Mexico want to immigrate, then do it legally.  I don’t quite know how you frame that as racist.  I suspect it depends on one’s political affiliation.

“...Despite the crime statistics, border officials say they must continually push back against widespread perceptions that their communities are caught up in the violence wracking towns across the Rio Grande in Mexico.

Republicans don’t help when they argue for more resources by portraying the area as a hotbed of narco terrorism and immigrant crime. But they contend the border is an entry point from which crime spreads throughout the state.

Gov. Greg Abbott signed a sweeping, multimillion-dollar border security measure last June flanked by Republican lawmakers at a Texas DPS office in Houston. Abbott said the ceremony’s location was appropriate because a porous border means the entire state — not just the stretch of cities hugging the Rio Grande — is in peril.

For others, perceptions of unsafe conditions in border communities are driven by the incorrect assumption that undocumented immigrants are more likely to commit crimes than the general population.

“If people connect undocumented immigration with safety, they would be wrong saying that because they pass through the border the border communities are less safe,” said Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera, a public affairs and security studies professor at the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley…”

AZ Daily Sun
AZ Daily Sun

They don’t quite grasp the fact that it isn’t about illegal immigration, but narco-violence.  The boots on the ground are going to the cities, yet rural areas are in terrible trouble.  We hear, time and again, the worst of the agents are put in the locations where we need help the most. There aren’t enough agents in locations where we need them.

Something drastic needs to be done.  Please, don’t fall for that tried and true ‘racist’ canard the left tries to float to prevent anything viable from being accomplished. It isn’t about ‘national’ security.  This is about the fact that the drug lords in Mexico are so rich and so powerful they can bribe their way across the border, either pay off or kill off anyone who opposes them, and then terrorize anyone who might be standing in their way.  You will never see this reported on the news, because they slaughter reporters.

I have been writing about immigration for over ten years.  When I first began, I had no problem with an open border.  Today, though, we need some sort of an electronic wall with boots on the ground. It is no longer about immigration but pure evil crime, the kind where the drug lords have basically sold their souls to the devil.  They have no problem slaughtering the innocents in order to make money.  They are basically no different from ISIS.  Life means nothing to them.  Like ISIS, they murder anyone who gets in their way and dares to write about them.