What Am I Missing?


Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 12.11.05 PMI agree with about 80% of this article. I would add that Trump’s chief national security adviser is a rational individual who was fired by the Obama Administration in 2014 for disagreeing with John Kerry that Vladimir Putin & Russia are the enemy. I’ve been writing in my blog since then that, if we aren’t careful, Obama is going to get us into WWIII with Russia, for no reason other than the fact that he lost his pissing contest with Putin. If Obama has listened to Flynn, we never would be in this mess with ISIS.

I’m tired of being bullied and treated like an idiot or a racist because I am going to support this man. I am not. I am disgusted that, in one single week the Romney faction of the GOP spent over $35 million dollars trying to destroy him. That’s thirty-five million dollars. We have 45 million people in the country living below the poverty level. Just think, with the millions they are spending this year, they could lump it together and get everyone in poverty out of it. But, instead, they must spend even more money trying to destroy this man. This, to me, is pure evil. Every single man, woman, and child who is living in poverty could have been helped – without one cent of government money going into it. Instead, they spent it trying to destroy a person.

We have a serious trade problem. We have a disaster on the border, not due to racism, but due to the drug cartels given free reign to do what they want, threaten who they want, and destroy anyone who gets in their way. It is so bad a person can no longer safely drive Hwy 80 from New Mexico to Tombstone. The man said that Mexico was full of rapists. I thought he was wrong. Did you know that 80-90% of women and girls who are illegal migrants traveling through Mexico from Central America are raped, while in Mexico? I guess that is racist, to even mention the subject. We can’t mention how lethal extremist Islam is, or be damned as a racist, no matter that women who are moderate Muslims are being treated like dirt by ‘feminists’ in this country who are determined to appease the hard-liners, and try telling everyone how wonderful head-scarves are.

Sorry, but I’m not stupid. I’ve been following politics all my life. The man is not a racist nor is he a fascist. I’ve been writing about those people for at least 10 years. What is so ironic is that the very people who are saying he is are being funded by those with connections to some incredibly nasty people. I don’t like what I’m seeing in politics. I live politics. This man has a lot of people terrified of him. Considering who they are, well, that too makes me plan on voting for him.

If you plan to shame me because of your choices, or tell me how racist the man is, well, be prepared for an onslaught of documented information about Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz, and those who support them.  I have it all.