Protesting Too Much


Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 12.11.05 PMWhen protesters appear at Bernie Sanders rallies, while they are being kicked out, they are booed.  When a protester throws a tomato at a candidate, they should be arrested.   They are disrupting Ted Cruz events.  You’d never know it though.

Did you know that Hillary has repeatedly kicked Black Lives Matter protesters out of her rallies? I bet not. The media isn’t covering it. The media isn’t covering the story about the former Marine kicked out of a rally by Bill Clinton, is it? Black Lives Matter protesters are now showing up at Trump rallies, basically to make trouble.  Evidently Hillary is having a problem with hecklers and protesters, but we don’t hear about it.  The media doesn’t cover the story, does it?

“…While the Hillary Clinton for President Campaign has become increasingly confident that it is going to beat back the challenge from Bernie Sanders, the venerable socialist from Vermont, not all is happy with the slog to the nomination. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Saturday that a group of Black Lives Matter protesters was booted from a Clinton rally for holding up some unflattering signs In the meantime, Bill Clinton got into a shouting match with a group of hecklers, including a military veteran, irate about the VA and the Benghazi Massacre….”

  • Everyone has a First Amendment right to protest at a political rally.
  • Everyone has a First Amendment right to attend a political rally and not put up with protesters.
  • They do not have a right to punch a protester in the nose.
  • Protesters have a right to be rude, obnoxious, and create a disturbance.
  • Security at a political rally has a duty to remove those protesters as quickly as possible.
  • Someone protesting at a political rally does not have a right to be treated politely.
  • People don’t have a right to pull guns on someone who has a yard sign.

Let’s be bluntly honest about a few things.  People attending a political rally to protest are doing so get attention, create problems, and grab headlines.  The very process is disruptive and rude.  That is the point.  Unions are busing supporters in to protest at Trump rallies and the GOP debates.

There is something these ignorant little dimwits need to know.  Heaven only knows they’re not being taught this stuff in school.  People running for POTUS are entitled to Secret Service protection for a very specific reason: Bobby Kennedy.  On June 6, 1968 he was assassinated during a political rally in LA.  While everyone now attending rallies has been cleared, one never knows when they are going to do something stupid.  Frankly, I think if they disrupt a political  rally they deserve to have the sh*t kicked out of them.   In fact, an associate professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago basically proved how stupid she is.

“…“My fear is the UIC police are not in fact going to be in charge, that it’s not their command,” said Jennifer Brier, associate professor of gender and women’s studies and history at the university and one of the authors of that letter. “I’m worried that whatever security forces or personnel or agencies — Secret Service or somebody else — won’t be working to protect the safety of our students, and if they’re told to eject people from a protest, I’m worried that that is going to happen, and that’s a complete contradiction to the mission of this university.”…”

Yes, the woman is that totally and woefully  ignorant.

I don’t like protests.  I think they are counterproductive and hurt their cause.  Protesters are rude, spoiled and selfish individuals who are incapable of comprehending that other people have the same rights they do.  The just don’t quite get the fact that everyone has the same rights.  They are basically narcissists spoiled brats, demanding everyone listen to them.

One of the reasons there are few protests at the Sanders rallies is because only his supporters are allowed into the meetings.  The no-protesters formula was created in 2004 by GWB’s reelection campaign.  Considering the allegedly close ties to certain individuals who were part of the campaign and are working with Sanders, this should not come as a shock.

What should come as a shock is the fact that, of all the candidates, the one most often accused of being ‘racist’ is the very candidate who is not profiling who is allowed into his rallies.  Sure, they are rowdy, and can get out of hand, but his people are not profiling those who attend.


2 thoughts on “Protesting Too Much

  1. I totally agree with your bullet points. Well stated. However, please read the articles you link to.

    As mentioned elsewhere, the former Marine was NOT kicked out of the rally by Bill Clinton. Clinton in fact implored the security NOT to take him out.

    Also, you wrote, “Unions are busing supporters in to protest at Trump rallies and the GOP debates.”
    The article you link to is about unions busing protesters in to the Democratic debate.

    And yes, there is profiling going on at Trump rallies. Maybe they aren’t profiling who is let in, but they clearly are profiling who they want kicked out. To be truthful, it is not that way at all venues, but far more than it should be.

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