Something Nasty This Way Has Come


Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 7.18.19 PMAs I have repeatedly stated, there is nothing wrong with honorable protest, done orderly and with a modicum of manners and basic decency.  There must be something profoundly wrong with me because I have this hair-brained, half-baked attitude that everyone is created equal, and should be treated equally.  We should treat others as we wish to be treated and not expect anything special or out of the ordinary because we are just people.  As people, as mature, grown-up humans we should have the capacity to comprehend that everything is not going to go our way.  People are going to say what they think, and we are going to get our feelings hurt, quite often. We live with that, grow with it, and attempt to use the slights we have had, to learn not to do the same to others. Only the foolish and immature among us expect everything to go their way, all the time.

There is something profoundly disturbing, terribly immature, and difficult to comprehend when it comes to entities who consider themselves adults, but don’t quite know the difference between a childish temper tantrum and the fact that their actions can seriously harm others. When individuals display this tendency, they are quite often diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorders or borderline personality disorders. This is how they treat someone who had an idea which is different from theirs.

There is nothing wrong with protest. This is harassment. It is bullying, and they are terrorizing a person who supports a political candidate of whom they do not approve.  Eventually people in a crowd cease being individuals and they become a pack of rabid animals.

This is the same group, some of the same players who caused riots in Ferguson, toppled a college president, and are holding college campuses across the country almost hostage with their petty demands.  When someone refuses to go along with them, well, you see what has happened.  The protests in Chicago were about much more than a group of spoiled brats having a temper tantrum and ruining it for people who wanted to see Donald Trump. This is about a generation who are so spoiled and have been raised to be almost narcissistic psychopaths.  The implications for our country are chilling and not just because of politics.  Is this how they are going to behave from now on?  Are we to expect riots when they don’t get the what they want at the mall, or a movie theater?  Are they going to live their lives harassing and bullying, treating people like dirt when they get in their way?

Maybe this brave new Millennial Generation needs a big fat time-out, while their mommies and daddies stop paying for never-ending college, and their strange activism.  I have no problem with activism.  My problem is with the way these people are going about it.  You don’t go around treating people who disagree with you like dirt and expect to get anywhere in life.  Are people so afraid of these young monsters, these scions of Frankenstein’s monster that they don’t have the courage to stand up to them and tell them how vile they are?