Fanatics & True Believers


DSC03799NOTE:  I am in the process of writing daily essays for a book about Lent.  This is from March 14. The contents are copyright 2016 by SJ Reidhead and cannot be used, period.

I don’t like fanatics unless they are the harmless sport’s fan or opera freaks like moi. A political creature, I truly detest political fanatics. I dislike religious fanatics and True Believers. Like political fanatics they have a tendency to be arrogant, selfish, immature, and narcissistic, incapable of seeing any side of the story but their own. Christ taught that peacemakers are blessed, but True Believers don’t seem to want to be peacemakers – unless they can have everything their way.   It is quite sad.

We live in a world, today, where feelings must not be hurt. No one is to say a discouraging word, and there must be save spaces where adults can go and cower as they haul out their coloring books and regress to childhood. It is rather like a temper tantrum a five-year-old might have, until their parents figure out the best way to put an end to the tantrum is a bucket of cold water, tossed on them. (I had an aunt who did that to her daughter. My mother tossed a glass of ice water on me when I was in college!)

Unfortunately, today, we are dealing with an entire generation of young adults who have been so over-protected that they don’t know how to face the world, as grown-ups. They don’t quite comprehend the fact that the world does not revolve around them, and that life is compromised, give and take, and quite often it is all about giving with very little taking.

Today, though, it is all about the narcissistic I AM. The rights of others are superseded by the needs of The One, no matter how irrational those needs are. The One is all important, all knowing, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnivorous – literally and figuratively. They are crassly immature enough to think that they know what is best, for everyone.

Imagine a nation of individuals who have the same mind-set of the Dear Leader in North Korea, a young man who is a modern day version of Caligula. There are millions of them here in the United States, all with irrational demands and the rank immaturity and narcissism to think that they know what is best, for all concerned. They are incapable of comprehending that they the very same rights as everyone else, no more and no less.

That doesn’t really matter.

All that matters is the selfish self.

They are controlling, manipulative individuals who are incapable of playing with others. Once confronted, they will do almost anything to get their way. They become almost cruel and heartless in their pursuit of their own narcissistic rights.

Once again here is where that tacky analogy about we the Christians kicks in, and ouch! Are we any different in our spiritual lives, dealing with the Lord? We are so absurdly immature at times. The problem is that we either accept the Lord as our Heavenly Father, a very real Creator of the Universe, whose eye is on the sparrow, or we just think He is some almost plastic creation designed to be used for crowd control, and not much else.

My Lord is a dynamic Creator of the Universe. Yes, His eye is on that sparrow. He is watching me. But, I am not the center of the universe. It is irrational and counterproductive for me to expect to be treated that way.

My God is Omnipotent.

He knows where I am at all times.

He knows who I am.

He knows what I need before I need it.

Why am I such a spoiled brat about it?

I am not a fanatic.

I am not a ‘True Believer’, but am a believer to the bottom of my heart and depths of my soul. There is a difference. One is arrogant, the other is humble. I’m trying to work on the humility thing, I swear I am.


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  1. Beautiful, SJ. I was a true believer until about 3 years ago. Since I left church due to caring for a parent with alzheimers, my spirituality and relationship with God has moved to a different plane.

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