Get a Political Grip, Already Yet


Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.42.28 AMThe world is up in arms because Donald Trump said that there would be riots if the GOP convention was contested.  I wouldn’t call it riots, but voters would be mad.  I’m still ticked about 2012 and Mitt Romney.  But, I don’t go around threatening people.  I don’t go around damning people the way Erick Erickson or Amanda Carpenter are.  They basically plan to blackball and destroy anyone who dares support Donald Trump.

Protesters basically did everything they could to disrupt Trump’s appearance in Phoenix.  The media blamed Trump.  The media also blamed trump when a racist protester dressed up in a KKK hood and robe.  Two black men, Trump supporters, decided to throw a punch at him.  In any other situation they would be lauded as heroic.  Because they were at a Trump rally, one of them was arrested.  It was all Trump’s fault.  The anti-Trump protest in NYC became violent.  There are some interesting rumors that some of the NY protesters are being sponsored by a soccer team?

Bernie Sanders declared Sheriff Joe to be ‘unAmerican’ for confronting his wife, who was trying to expose Sheriff Joe’s infamous tent cities.  We all know I basically loath Sheriff Joe, but to call him unAmerican is basically a total and complete joke. It is rather like the Marxist calling the socialist a Communist.

Donald Trump’s sister has now been threatened.  His son was threatened on Friday.   His campaign office in Jacksonville was vandalized.  There are also reports that his Tampa office was vandalized.

Then there is the daughter of Illinois Rep. Cynthia Soto, a Democrat.  She has been arrested on three counts of felony assault against the man who ran against her in a primary.  A topless woman showed up at a Bernie Sanders rally.  She was topless to protest Donald Trump.  Instead of removing her from the rally, Sanders’ supporters took photos, posing with her.

George Soros is sinking millions into MoveOn in order to pay Bernie Sanders supporters to protest anything Donald Trump does. They are then paid to pretend that the sick, perverted, white, poorly educated white men who support Trump are the violent ones.

If you dare say anything against a political candidate you are a racist.  If you state that an article a liberal writes is incorrect, you are a racist.  If you look at a liberal wrong,  you’re a racist.  The problem here is the fact that, if you’ve not noticed, aside from a few incidents within Trump rallies, all of the remaining violence has been perpetrated from the left.

There’s something else going on here.  I seem to remember it is a crime to threaten any POTUS candidate.  With those death to Trump chants, one wonders when the Secret Service is going to start doing its job.  This violence is only going to get worse.