The World Needs to Butt Out


Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.42.28 AMI’ve never known the ‘world’ to express opinions about our POTUS elections like they are this time.  Maybe it is a complement to the US, as the most important nation on earth.  Then again, maybe in this increasingly ignorant world in which we live, the rest of the world doesn’t quite grasp the fact that they legally aren’t allowed to vote in our elections.  They legally are not allowed to donate to our candidates.  They legally need to sit down and shut up already yet.

On Monday came the news that Mexico is trying to game things by helping Mexican citizens become American citizens before the election, so they can vote against Donald Trump because he exposed the abject corruption and insanity of the Mexican government to the light of day.

There is an interest writer out of the UK.  I like his work.  I had followed him in Twitter.  His hatred of Donald Trump is so irrational that he is unreadable.  He thinks that Mitt Romney is wonderful, and constantly writes about him.  That’s fine, but how dare he attempt to even inject his outdated information into a situation where he refuses to listen to anyone who might know a little more than does he?

I don’t care who the candidate is.  This is our country, and our election.  What the Mexican government is doing is deplorable.  From what I gather, Islamic migrants and newly arrived, when they become citizens, have a tendency to vote left, and support the most radical leftists as possible.  In turn, the left is pandering to them, they way they are here.  But, if you say anything you are an evil racist.  If you dare mention corruption in Mexico, you are an evil racist.

It’s nice to be the world’s leading superpower.  But, the rest of the world needs to comprehend the fact that they need to butt out of our elections.  FYI:  We need to butt out of theirs.  It works both ways.