Torturing with Thoughts of Torture


Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 4.06.08 PMWhen you live in a country where the president of a major university offers therapy and counseling to students who were upset and had their safe space violated because someone wrote Trump 2016 on a sidewalk at Emory, let’s face it, torture? Everyone has their undies in a wad because Donald Trump said that there are times when we must use forms of torture.  Hang on, but I agree.  We must be able to state that we are using torture.  It is important that the idea of torture remain optional.


It isn’t about torturing people, but the threat.  If there is the possibility of torture, then the simple fact that we have not ruled out using it might just cause someone to talk.  Everyone is so busy pandering to safe spaces and political correctness that they apparently forget how things work and how people’s minds work.  The worst form of torture is mental, not physical.   In the amazing comedy The Gods Must Be Crazy, one of the terrorists, who has been involved in a bold attack on a small African nation’s cabinet, was being tortured.  He was blindfolded and taken up in a helicopter, then told, if he did not talk, they would push him out of the chopper.

He refused.
They did.
The chopper had never left the ground.
He talked.
There was no torture, but he did not know that.

We live in a world where safe spaces are fake.  Political correctness is fake and is destroying our culture.  It has destroyed Europe.  It is literally killing Europe.  We need to be able to say what is right and what is wrong.  No, torture is not a nice thing.  It is a horrific thing.  But, just the possibility that it exists is a deterrent.  You don’t use it, but, like that scene from The God’s Must Be Crazy, you threaten with it.

This is no longer a nice world.  We are dealing with monsters who are ‘true believers’.  They will do anything to get their way.  One of the problems with our politically correct world is that history is being rewritten and censored.  When I was in college, we were taught how violent Islam was.  Strangely, you can’t even find the information we were taught, now days.  If I had not kept my text books and various books on medieval history, I would think I imagined it all.   One of the things I do remember is that Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, El Cid, now portrayed as a monster because he defeated Islam in Spain, was forced to adopt the tactics of Islam in order to drive them from his homeland.

In order to defeat your enemy you must know them.  You don’t want to befriend them, and you don’t want to be all goody-goody and let them ‘respect’ you through love and good deeds.  You want them to respect and fear you to the point where they know if they attack, you will obliterate them.  This is not the popular view of war or foreign policy, but we’re in a fight for survival.   It is a good thing to psychoanalyze the enemy.  But, when you are dealing with psychopaths, nothing matters.

When dealing with a psychopath and a nation of psychopaths and monsters, normal doesn’t work.  They don’t dare.  They have no heart.  They have no soul nor feelings other than for their own animal survival and pleasure.  Anyone who says anything other than that is a fool, a total and complete fool.  We are dealing with thousands of Ted Bundys and Charles Mansions.  You cannot play with them, nor deal with them as ‘normal’.  They aren’t.  You apply the techniques of working with the most horrific of monsters and serial killers.  I know this sounds deplorable, but they don’t react the way normal people work.   Nothing is going to change until we decide to deal with them as psychopathic killers of the worst kind.

The bad guys are laughing at us.  They have good reason to do so.  We are a joke.  Our society needs to fully comprehend that 99% of people who practice the Islamic faith are as disgusted and terrified of these monsters as are we.  The right is being tone deaf.  The left is so busy proving they aren’t biased that they are bigoted in favor of the very hard-line entities who are harming their own people. It doesn’t help when the pandering left brushes aside the heart-felt pleas of moderate and liberal Muslims (and there are far more of them than hard-liners) to accommodate the very entities who would eventually do us harm.  If I were a liberal or moderate Muslim, living in this country I would be livid, perhaps more so at the left than the right.  If we were honest, we might just admit the mess we have with ISIS was created by the left.