The Thing About Equity


Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.42.28 AMAccording to the media, the new hate of Donald Trump is the way  he treats women.  Apparently, from what I can tell, he dared tell Ted Cruz that his wife was prettier.  I thought that’s what a man was to do, tell another that his wife was prettier.  Never mind that Liz Mair had the nerve to use nude photos of Trump’s third wife to help Ted Cruz in Utah.  Never mind that there are lovely rumors about Cruz and up to five women circulating.  There is a bottom line.  The insiders in the GOP, who are trying to promote Romney, are using Trump’s alleged misogyny to destroy him and get Romney nominated.

During a Twitter conversation with one woman, first she wanted to know how I could vote for another Hitler.  Then, how could I vote for someone who treated women so badly.  The problem is, comparisons to Hitler are denigrating and insulting to anyone who supports a viable candidate.  Secondly, from what I gather Trump treats women the same way he treats men.

How could I vote for a man who was macho?  I think Alpha Males get a bad rap today.  A normal Alpha Male, who likes women, treats women quit well.  It is the Betas who don’t like women to treat us like dirt.  This said, I came from a generation where we wanted equality.  We did not want special treatment or privileges, we wanted equality.  It is rather amazing to watch a  younger generation of women be quite upset over the way Trump is treating Megan Kelly.  The rules of the game is if you run with the big dogs, you play by their rules.  She likes to think she runs with the big dogs.  She’d better realize that she plays by their rules.

I always did.  I still do. I’m the leading female in my specific field.  I’m the only one, basically.  I’m treated no differently from the men.  I don’t want it any other way.  Neither should any other woman.  It’s like Roger Maris.  If you must have that little asterisk by your name, it just don’t count.