The Narcissistic Demands of Irate Individuals


Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 10.38.56 AMWithout disclosing too much, my sister has a successful, small restaurant chain in a large city.  Her anchor location is located near one of those wonderful, old, city parks that contains a magnificent zoo and a wonderful art museum.  She lives near the restaurant, within the park.  My nieces and nephew were raised there, in the park.  Like all big cities, the environs around the park are experiencing growing pains, which include the usual parking problems.  It is becoming a battle between the reactionaries and the progressives, take no prisoners, kill the enemy, and ruin everyone else.  Unfortunately, this past week, her customers began taking sides, on her Facebook page, demanding that my sister do one thing or the other – OR ELSE!

My niece, who does the social media thing, basically wrote a post, suggesting people chill.  The true believers are demanding that my sister cease patronizing a very important function at the zoo, because they are mad about the parking.  The venue is a show-case for local restaurants.  Their demands are becoming nothing less than threats, with no grasp of how important certain functions are to her business.

They don’t care about her business.  They only care about their opinions and their causes.  Apparently, like the rest of their generation, they are incapable of putting themselves in another person’s shoes.  They don’t care.  All they care about is their own good opinion.  If they harm my sister, who is an innocent bystander, just trying to survive, in the process, then so be it.

It is grossly unfair to my sister, but when the narcissistic cause is enjoined, nothing else matters but the cause.  Unfortunately, it’s not just about my sister. We see this on a daily basis in this country.  We’ve become a nation without boundaries, without manners, and have managed to forget that other people have rights.  Everyone is so positive their rights and causes matter more than those of the other person that they will do anything to insure everyone knows how important those rights are.

As for blaming society, what’s the use? It isn’t society that is to blame.  Selfish people who are incapable of seeing the world through another person’s eyes are the ones to blame.  Maybe they should try walking a mile in the other person’s shoes before they start throwing stones and destroying.  Unfortunately, that just doesn’t quite work in a me-oriented world.

It’s too bad. After awhile, a person’s desire to turn the world inside-out, to make it over in their version of what the world should be, end up destroying, not the world, nor those around them, but themselves.  It’s too bad.  They’re the real losers.