Exercising Religious Liberty


Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 4.21.40 AMThe Mississippi state senate is  attempting to pass a ‘religious’ liberty bill. People who want to exercise their faith, should, according to some, be able to refuse service to individuals based on what they believe.  I would love to be able to say that people should be able to be free to follow their religious beliefs and not service the LGBT community.  That’s quite nice and noble, and reeks of freedom for those who want to refuse service, but, well, a similar argument was made for Separate but Equal, which became the basis for Jim Crow Laws.

People should have a right not to provide a service for something that violates their religious beliefs, but how far do you take it?  We have a First Amendment which guarantees no establishment of a state religion.  I go back to my high school American History teacher, who stressed that it was freedom from religion. If the state accommodate one religion, it must accommodate them all.  Let’s not accommodate any of them, then.

I find the idea of a statue to Satan evil and repulsive.  In order not to have one, take the damn monument to the Ten Commandments down, already yet.  The Founding Fathers (note there were no Founding Mothers) did not use them.  The vast majority of the dudes were ‘enlightened’.  In other words they grasped the concept of faith, science, philosophy, and freedom.

We cannot be forced to do something which violates the law.  We should not be forced to violate our conscience, but it happens.  I happen to be a Christian.  As a Christian, I believe that Christ is about love.  How the heck can I practice the love of Christ, if I damn others who do not believe as do I?  From what I know about Christ, if he were hanging out today, I suspect he would be with sinners and might even attend a gay wedding or two.

Then again, I truly detest true believers and zealots of any ilk other than opera and baseball.  Seems to me if you must hurt others in order to prove just how Christian you are, then you aren’t much of a Christian. Frankly, I think you deserve all the nasty publicity you have so rightly earned.

Christ taught that, when someone was impressed to carry a Roman soldier’s pack – which was the law, they should do so, gladly, and offer to carry it an additional mile.  I think that tells us just what he would want us to do selling a cake or flowers for a LGBT wedding.


One thought on “Exercising Religious Liberty

  1. After Jesus defined marriage for us, it is hard to believe that he would accept anal and oral sex as a consummation of marriage. He hung out with sinners to change their ways, not to accept or adopt their lifestyles. Gays are not exactly innocent victims either. They deliberately target Christian businesses in order to scream discrimination if they are refused service. An example is what happened at Kern’s Bake Shop is Long View, Texas. When a gay couple was refused a wedding cake, they went to the press and claimed discrimination. The Christian couple’s business and property have been vandalized and they have threatened to sodomize their young son. It is hard to picture gays as the victims in such a situation.

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