Self-Fulfilling Electoral Disaster


Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.42.28 AMThis is a purge.  Donald Trump is the excuse.  The current incarnation of those in power have been planning and manipulating this for at least 10 years, of not longer.  They stabbed George W. Bush in the back.  Their predecessors did the same to Reagan.  Unfortunately, they used the rise and near downfall of Rush Limbaugh to empower their cottage industry of power and political philosophical purity.  This is their ongoing purge against those who are not pure.  There are many of us who have said they would not approve of Reagan, and would be treating him, today, the way they are treating Trump.  The irony is, in the 1980s, Reagan himself, suggested Trump run.  It rather changes the narrative and it explains a heck of a lot.  The elite hated Reagan in 1980.

According to the doom & gloom naysayers of the hard-core alleged conservative elite in the GOP, Donald Trump is going to bring disaster upon the party, in November.  The disaster he has already brought to them is the fact that he is exposing them like someone shining a light on an infestation of roaches.  The deserve every  nasty thing that happens to them.  For the most part they are vicious, narcissistic hypocrites.  They are also the most fake Republicans in the business.

This current ‘crop’ of pure Republicans aren’t really Republicans.  They are hard-core right wing, theocratic bullies who lean libertarian.  They rammed their way to the top of the punditry lists starting around 2005 or so.  At the time many ‘leaders’ were little more than bloggers, doing the same thing I did.  They viciously turned on Bush, as not pure.  They treated John McCain like dirt.  They worshiped at the altar of Mitt Romney.

Trust me, they want a purge.  They want the GOP to go down in flames in November.  If they lose the House and Senate, then they can come in and rebuild it in their pure image, no matter how corrupt it is.  This is about their ongoing quest for power, and their lust for a Mitt Romney presidency.

I know these people.  I have the scars in my back from being stabbed.  The very individuals who are being the nastiest about Trump are some of those who were blogging back at the same time I was, years ago.  I know what they did to me, how they destroyed me.  Frankly, they need to be stopped.  Until they are the GOP is never going to be normal.

They want the GOP to be destroyed.  It is the only way they can maintain their choke-hold on the party. I have said it before and I will repeat it, again and again – they are not real Republicans.  They are something entirely different, presenting us with one failed, but oh so religious candidate after another.  They have become a joke.  They are bought and paid for by the Brother’s Koch.  I find their mendacity about Trump and white supremacists to be a disgusting joke.  If you shake the trees where these lice reside, you will see who are the real white supremacists, bigots and fascists.  Trust me, it’s not Trump.

The final argument, they say, is that the polls say Trump cannot win.  This time, in 1980, they said Reagan could not win.  They said Reagan could not win up until the final weeks of the 1980 election when, the morning of the election the county chair dropped by the county GOP headquarters I was managing.  It was, I was told, according to internal polling, going to be a total and complete blow-out that night.  Jimmy Carter was going down in flames.

He did.

Reagan was, we were told, unelectable. 
Women hated him.
He was a fool.
He was an actor, for gosh sakes.
He was an outsider.
He going to get us into World War III.
He was the wrong person for everything.

They were wrong.