Transgendered Potty Training


Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 10.38.56 AMI’m sorry, I don’t get it.  Once again the GOP is be-soiling itself by passing additional laws demanding people use the toilet facilities designated by their birth certificate.  I suspect, one of these days, everyone will need to carry around a copy of their birth certificate or create some sort of accommodation with restrooms.  Let’s face it, the main argument these jerks are using is that someone who is dressed as the opposite gender in in the opposite gender’s facility could rape or molest.  This is the group of people who are still in denial about Josh Duggar being a pedophile.

People who are transgendered do not make it a habit of raping or molesting – anyone, not like over-sexed GOP homophobes.  Let’s be honest, those who make the most noise against the LGBT community are those who are deepest in the closet.

This brings us to another problem mentioned in the potty wars.  Godly GOP elected officials mention that a child can be molested in the restroom.  Fair enough.  It happens, all the time.  Only a STUPID parent allows their child to a restroom unescorted.

Enough said.

I have a tremendous amount of admiration for people who are transgendered.  Do you realize how much courage it takes?  Do you realize how little courage it takes for some godly politician to pontificate on the subject?

Enough said.

There is one reason I don’t exactly like being around transgendered men who choose to live as a women.  My dislike is more like a green-eyed monster. They are dressed better than I am.  They are far better groomed than am I, and it just isn’t fair, she wailed.  Their make-up is almost always perfect.  Their hair is almost always perfect.  Their nails are almost always perfect.  I look like a frumpy reject from walmart.  I find transgendered males who live as women to be the ultimate tribute and complement to my gender.  They could teach us so very much.  I don’t think we appreciate being women the way they do.

This said, one of the main characters in my murder mysteries is a former Navy SEAL who chooses to live as a woman.  (I based my character on someone from real life).  The man is a force of nature, who just can’t understand why women, who have all the attributes of life, don’t advertise what they have.

Enough said.

I’m sick and tired of all the hate.



2 thoughts on “Transgendered Potty Training

  1. The message is clear. Tow the gay agenda or be boycotted. It does not matter that thousands of women are uncomfortable with a person with a male member using their rest rooms and dressing rooms. Are you telling all these women to go jump off a bridge?

  2. If we put a so-called ‘Christian’ spin on things then, Christ is very clear: Matthew 5:41 and if anyone forces you to go one mile, go also the second mile.

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