The People in This Country Suck


Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.42.28 AMI have spent the past six of years of my life living through senior citizen hell, brought on by the fact that my father’s broker and his assistant appropriated close to a million bucks for their own personal use.  By the time I discovered the mess created by them, and my father’s Alzheimer’s Disease, we were past the statute of limitations.  The people who stole his money have prospered and at least one of them is very well thought of in the community, a real leader.  The other left town, for a brand new life.  I’m stuck in hell, picking up the pieces.

Imagine my shock when I discovered that people, when they discover you need money and help, will lie, they will cheat, they will steal, and do everything possible to destroy you, in order to make a buck – and those are just the ones who are ‘leaders’.  Those who don’t know you will do anything to destroy you. If you live in New Mexico, where I live, it’s the state game – conning and ruining others.  Don’t expect law enforcement to help you.  Don’t expect kindness.  Don’t expect compassion, and expect 75% of your so-called friends to stick a knife in your back, just for fun.

What I’ve learned during this process is that there are very few honest and honorable people out there.  People will do anything to get ahead.  There are no rewards for being good, decent, honoring your parents, and doing what is right, only catastrophic personal disaster.  I don’t think our country was always like this.  Then again, I’ve never been two steps away from the gutter, weekly having to humiliate myself in order to get more time to pay bills, and take care of the shit my parents left for me to take care of.

I don’t expect any award.  I really don’t expect anything good, no anymore.  I’ve learned in this life there is no hope.  There is no goodness within people, only mendacity, graft and duplicity. With a half dozen exceptions or so, I’ve learned that people don’t care about you.  Unless you fawn all over them, the would just as soon see you rot in the gutter, and then kick your lifeless body when you are dead.

What more can you expect when two of the people running for POTUS are basically lying about who and what they are?  Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat, yet he is sucking off them like a vampire.  Ted Cruz pretends to be this amazing Christian yet allegedly has more women than Bill Clinton.   Both men are total sleaze, redefining political nastiness.

With those two as an example, I guess we can’t expect much more in this country.

We’re screwed.