Weather Channel Stupidity


Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 12.11.05 PMAround 2AM or so, on Thursday, nothing was on, so I ended up on the Weather Channel watching something about Florida panthers.  A 3rd generation Floridian, things like this fascinate me.  My uncle grew up in the swamps, when he could get a break and hang out in them, catching gators hauling them back to the grandparents’ home to show the what he had done, then he’s put them back where he found them.  As soon as he could afford one, he had his own swamp buggy.  This led, of course, to those cliched cat and mouse games with game wardens until it reached the point where he knew more about the swamps than they did, and never really broke any laws.

They soon began calling him to deal with naughty gators. By the time he was thirty, he had his own gator pond, where the local wardens would drop off their problem reptiles. He was soon given permission to trap and experiment with them, trying to keep them alive – during the years they were on the endangered list.  He soon became the first person to learn how to breed them in captivity, to successfully get them to lay eggs, then hatch them, and then to raise the hatchlings to to maturity. Once gators were no longer endangered his business was ready to go, butchering and selling hides.

I bring this up because Florida is in my DNA.  It is home.  I remember the pre-Wallyworld days, and when you could drive up AIA and watch the launch vehicles being prepped.  When I grew up (sort of) and became a lobbyist, one of the things I did was work with NASA and also had a small news magazine.  I covered numerous shuttle launches and missions during those years.  During one early morning, before a launch, I ended up lost, in back of the launch vehicle, in the swamps.  I was thrilled when a panther ran in front of the car.

A few years later, I saw another panther, up on the line between South Carolina and North Carolina, driving home from the mountain house with my father.  We were skirting a tornado, which was ahead of us, then beside us.  Branches were falling off trees.  A huge tree fell across the road in front of us.

It was terrifying.

It was so bad, a panther, cougar, mountain lion paralleled us, in the other lane, for several hundred feet.  I was driving a convertible.  If the thing had wanted to, we could have had a disaster. Where I live in New Mexico, we have a mountain lion infestation.  About a month or so ago, when we had a late snow, I found mountain lion tracks all the way into my carport.  They prowl around my mother’s home.

One of the things mountain lions do is kill and devour all the local outside cats.  They also eat and terrorize the deer population. My parents would have upward of 25-30 deer in their yard at night.  There are none, now that there are several large cats prowling the irrigation ditch.

I mention all of this because I know Florida.  I also know just little about panthers or mountain lions. This takes me back to the thing I was watching on the Weather Channel, about Florida panthers.  The bottom line is, according to them, rising sea levels are partly responsible for their near extinction.


So… Where there were maybe 20 critters, there are now over 148 in a specific area.  They are threatened by encroaching sea levels.


It’s a swamp, people….

Several years ago, in the area where the predator population has exploded, there were approximately 400 deer counted in a specific time. Today, thanks to global warming and encroaching sea levels, there are no deer.

How stupid can you get?

First – the sea levels are not encroaching.

Second, anyone who knows anything about mountain lions or panthers knows if you have 400 deer and 140 mountain lions in a specific area, very soon you are going to have no deer, very hungry mountain lions – or panthers, who then leave that area in search of more food.

I swear the fear of global warming is turning the scientific, liberal, and pandering sky is falling community into slobbering and drooling idiots?  The ‘host’ is wandering around in swamps with a camera crew that has no business going where they are going.  They are with a wildlife expert who picks up a deer bone, explaining how they are eating the deer population.  Almost immediately there is a cut to the commentary that the deer population has been depleted NOT by predators but rising sea level due to global warming.

Yes, they are that stupid.

Then this idiot goes running through the swamps trying to chase a panther.

Yes, they are that stupid.

One of these days, someone on one of these stupid shows is going to get himself killed. Let’s just hope they’re not finding Bigfoot at the time, and chasing a panther.

Yes – they are that stupid.