Being Bernie


Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.42.28 AMBernie Sanders is leading a charmed life.  He’s getting away with things that no other POTUS candidate I’ve seen in ages get away with, and not be held accountable.  If a Republican, especially Donald Trump, had shoved his wife, the way Bernie did Jane, and caught on camera, they would be dead in the water.  But, not Bernie.  No one even mentions it. Bernie is now saying that he has been invited by the Vatican to attend some big deal in Rome.  Never mind that there is a big question about the invite, but what about the abortion issue?

What bothers me is that he always gets away with it.  Now, he’s pulled a trick a twelve-year-old would do.

“...In what the president of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences hosting the Vatican event is labeling a “monumental discourtesy,” she’s criticizing Bernie Sanders for trying to turn a non-political event into a political one by inserting his own presence. But now the office of the Pope says that Sanders was invited “not by the pope but by the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.” In other words, no one involved – neither the Pope nor the people running this Vatican event – can figure out who ‘invited’ Bernie Sanders or even if he has been invited. Did he simply invite himself and hope no one involved would have the guts to call him out for it?…Now the Bernie Sanders campaign is claiming that the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences president is making claims that are “categorically untrue,” basically calling her a liar. But the mounting evidence suggests that Sanders may have told both the Vatican and the Academy that the other had made the invitation, thus tricking both into signing off an invitation that they thought the other had granted…”

This is something a child would do.  It makes a heck of a lot of sense when it comes to Bernie Sanders.  He’s treating Hillary Clinton like dirt.  He’s so rude and nasty he even makes Ted Cruz look good.

Yet – he gets away with it.  The real bottom line here is the Bernie is getting creamed in New York, and he knows it.