Political Parties 101- Staging the Political Coup


Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 12.34.29 AMRight now, a heck of a lot of people who are supporting Donald Trump are extremely mad at the rank and file GOP.  They should be.  What the RNC has done is deplorable.  It is a thumb in the nose for anyone who cares not only about the country, the process, but also the GOP.  They know they are living on borrowed time.  After all, they are squandering the former good will of a coup they once staged – about nine years ago.  It would be best for them to remember that they who rose to power via the political sword, swiftly are removed the same way.

And, no, it isn’t impossible.  I saw it happen several times the first being 1980.  The second was in 1995.  Then there was 2009. It is very easy to achieve, far easier than you might expect, unless you live in states where the party is controlled by those legendary smoke filled party bosses who are trying to drive the little people (of whom they once were) out and destroy any hope of them returning to fight them.

Fact is, that’s what they are hoping is going to happen if they continue to act like the nasty little bullies they’ve always been.  They’re terrified of being exposed as the cheap dirty political flashers that they are.  They just know, if they lie, cheat, steal, and manipulate enough, everyone will turn away in disgust.

You want to take America back?  You start with the GOP.  It’s terribly easy, and takes just a little ambition and someone absolutely dedicated in a majority of counties in each state.  It is not impossible.  Fact is, once you decide to do it, the take-over isn’t even hostile.  You just go in, know what you are doing, and that’s that.

The process:


  1. Each county in the country is organized into voting precincts.  Each precinct can and should be organized for the viable political parties which reflect that county.  Very rarely do they go beyond Republican and Democrat.
  2. Every four years, following the Presidential election, each and every precinct within the country reorganizes for both the Democrats and the Republicans.
  3. All you do is find out when the precinct meeting is.  This is the dirty little secret:  The average GOP precinct in the country has a minimum of official ‘members’.  They meet on reorganizing night at a designated location.  All you do is be there, and bring along a relative or a friend, or even a spouse.  If you show the least bit of interest, you are then chosen to be the representative for the County GOP. You end up as the precinct chairperson, and the precinct’s representative – VOTE – on the County Republican Party.
  4. Your precinct will follow a formula for delegates to the county convention. That’s where you take over the party, by having enough like-minded people in precincts to stage a take-over of the county party.  It takes a little work, but can be fairly easily achieved.


  1. It works the very same was as county.  Representatives to the state convention are chosen from county levels.  The County Chairperson is not usually the one who goes to state meetings, but the County Committee person.
  2. You take over the state.


  1. It works the very same way.  But, in order to achieve national,  you must be very local, and willing to work.  You must also be willing to spend your money.

Don’t get mad and quite the GOP, take it back from those who stole it from other people.  It’s a heck of a lot of fun.  The best revenge is not stalking off, but taking over and giving the previous power mongers the boot!