(This Is) No Way to Elect a POTUS


Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.42.28 AMThis election cycle we are seeing the very worst of the country, via the caucus system.  Once upon a time, all of four years ago, I suspect we had a much fairer and more ‘democratic’ system. They problems began in 2008 when Barack Obama’s supporters literally discovered how to game the Iowa caucuses and shatter Hillary Clinton.  From that moment on, a caucus is to be played, manipulated, and the system perverted.

It is no accident that both the campaigns of Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders are benefiting from a of caucus process which is so out hand, that it is literally undermining the entire electoral process.  Primaries are fair, especially when they are open to anyone who can vote.  But, the caucus process is the most narcissistic of all electoral processes in this country.

They are unfair, easily abused, and are about pandering to the lowest common denominator of them all – hobnobbing with the infamous.  I was reading where it is possible the entire GOP nomination process could come down to approximately 200 men and women who must be wined, dined, bribed, romanced, and flattered.  Never mind the millions of us who have stood in line to vote.  We don’t matter.  All that matters is a handful of people chosen by an almost corrupt party system.

One person one vote?
Voting in secret?
An incorruptible system?
Forget it…..

Maybe it is the ultimate joke on us, those of us who still believe in the system, and think that our puny little vote matters.

That is now a joke, thanks to Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders.

So much for Democracy.  We’re now full circle, back to the smoke filled rooms, party bosses, and all it implies, none of it good for we the little people.  There is no way Bernie Sanders can win the nomination, yet he is acting like a ruthless school yard bully, very much like those Marxist South American dictators he so admires. Like Donald Trump said, the process, on both sides is corrupt.