Bernie & Ted and Hillary & Donald


Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 12.11.05 PMOne of the oddest things about this primary cycle is the way these campaigns are mirroring one another.  Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz are basically a match made in electoral hell.  They appear to only be able to win caucus states where the turn-out is pathetic.  On the other hand, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are scoring the big electoral wins.

There is something rather unwholesome and almost duplicitous the way both Bernie & Ted are scoring their wins, wooing a handful of rabid supporters, and walking off with bulk numbers of delegates to the point where people are starting to take notice of how they are doing it – and it isn’t kosher. It is so underhanded that the events in Colorado over the weekend may be the turning point.  With luck, it will be.

The real problem is the abject contempt the factions behind Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders have of we the little people.  Strangely enough, neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump exhibit that contempt.  They are quite willing to embark on the usual pandering for normal votes the glad-hand way.  Both are being treated like dirt by the caucus system.

This brings us to the campaigns.  There are more than rumors that Bernie Sanders’ campaign is being micro-managed by Karl Rove.  We all know the Koch Machine, along with Rove are joined at the hip with Cruz.  It makes a person want to scratch the back of their neck and ask why.


What is causing the powers that be within the GOP back rooms, fear and loath Donald Trump so much?