Attack of the Dimwitted Dingbats


Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 12.11.05 PMI swear some people are so abjectly and stupidly ill-informed they should not be allowed to vote. I encountered one of them Tuesday night. It all started so innocently.  I did a Tweet about how Bernie Sanders bots were reacting to Anderson Cooper’s ‘town hall’ with the Trump family. Bernie Bots being Bernie Bots, they were, as usual quite nasty.  There are two groups of political supporters who are nasty, Bernie Bots and Ted Cruz Creeps.  Both Hillary Clinton’s supporters and those who are voting for Donald Trump are high-information voters.

This woman challenged me by saying that Bernie Bots were not being ugly about the Trumps.  She wasn’t.  I told her it was because she wasn’t being a jerk.  We went back and forth about how we needed to get along and treat one another decently.  That has become a mantra of mine.  We need to treat one another better, and not demonize candidates’ families.

This person agreed.

Then the attacks began.  They came out of left field, stating that people like Donald Trump created the Gilded Age, which caused the Great Depression.  Don’t get me wrong, as a historian I am always exploring new interpretations of history, but,  um…. the Gilded Age caused the Great Depression?  Whatever…  Now, just to make sure something hasn’t changed in the way of historical research, I even looked up the Great Depression.  The Gilded Age is not listed as a cause.

Go figure.

Then, she attacked me for being a Republican.  How could I vote for a monster like GWB.  I told her I had a few mutual friends, and neither he nor his family were monsters.  Evidently, like both GWB & GHWB I had to be a drug dealer, and all my family and friends were connected to the big drug cartels.  After all, Ronald Reagan was the cause of the Great Depression, and her uncle was killed in World War II, then her family lost everything in the Depression and it was all Reagan’s fault.

Then came the 9/11 conspiracy theories and she attempted to introduce some conspiracy peddler into the conversation.

I blocked her.

Would someone please tell me why using one’s brain is so difficult?

I wish I could say that this individual was an outlier when it come to Bernie Bots.  Sadly, though, she appears to be the norm, rather than the exception. That’s the real problem with Bernie Bots, they think they are terribly superior than the rest of us.  They treat people who are voting for Donald Trump like we’re idiots.  The problem is people voting for both Trump and Hillary appear to have cornered the marked on common sense and information. The average Bernie Bot’s version of political discourse is “Yo’ Mama” interspersed with the liberal use of the F-word.

I guess that’s okay.  I do find it rather fascinating how the media portrays the diverse groups.  People who are planning to vote for Trump are unevolved apes who are angry and want to hurt all minorities.  People who support Sanders are highly educated and are just trying to make the world a better place.


P. S.  I swear on the head of my toy poodle that I am faithfully attempting to relay the passionate discourse of the Bernie Bot.  I swear her family hates Ronald Reagan because of the Great Depression and her uncle being killed in World War II.