Bernie’s Thugs & Teddy’s Creeps


Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.42.28 AMOn Wednesday evening, while watching the CNN town hall with Ted Cruz and his family, there was one take-away:  His supporters are creepy.  At least the supporters they showed on television were terribly creepy.  They were so weird, if I had been the mother of those two precocious little girls, I would have removed them, right then and there. When grown men start asking little girls who are only eight years old, questions, and they are strangers, something is terribly wrong. Three of the men who asked questions of the Cruz family were creepy enough for me to wonder if they were not pedophiles.

Yes, they were that creepy.

Let’s face it, Ted Cruz is creepy enough, but this was even worse.

Then, on Thursday morning, in hushed tones, CNN was discussing the fact that Bernie supporters were threatening Democratic Superdelegates, especially the women. Anyone who has been following the Bernie Bot Story knows they they are not very nice people. Yet, we are constantly treated to a barrage of horror stories about Donald Trump supporters.

We all know the media has an agenda.